Does this look familiar

Has anyone ever seen this symbol before? I’m not 100% that it’s a symbol but it keeps nagging at my memory


Hmmm… it looks less like a sigil/symbol and more like a picture to me. I see some kind of prowling canine predator- perhaps a wolf, coyote, or hyena?

sybmol reading

Just my two cents!


Looking at it like @BryWisteria showed, I can’t unsee the figure of a wolf or bear, or some similar animal :thinking:


I see a spider, sorry. But they’re a good omen. :sparkling_heart:

See it kinda looks like a tarantula :spider:


Hit right on the nose It’s deff a k9 creature. judging from how you burned it you followed guidance from the spirit realm or your ancestors. As a native, this is relatively common practice of drawing or painting. Just not how you burned. it i’d try a different tip if I were you and look into pyromancy burners for more control. this will assist you in this type of burning


Raccoon for the smaller one.


@LadyDennaRahl My son made it and it was his first go. He says he has no idea what he was trying to make

He was starting to figure it out a bit by the time he got to the back side

He started so he could make me something with his and my spirit animal. I don’t have any of his current stuff but he is getting much better.


Oh! Now that you’ve said that, I can see how it could be a spider too! :spider: :grinning:

Pyromancy burners sound interesting- I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before, but it sounds like something that would be helpful for crafting with fire :fire: :sparkles:

Oh, yes! With the shapes that resemble legs and a tail, I can see how it would be a raccoon too :raccoon:

Wow- he’s very talented, Nixi! For a first go that is really impressive. Well done to your creative crafter! :blush:


I found this on line if it loads! :slightly_smiling_face:


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