Does this look like a good set up for a altar

Is this set up ok or should I arrange things or take some stuff off ?


Do as your heart dictate, to the guides you’re in tune with most. Now a day I don’t have a alter, I just give what I feel from my heart, and give thanks for it to the Universe.


I think it’s lovely & if it looks & feels good to you, then it’s just fine. :two_hearts:


I think its beautiful!! As long as it feels right to you and feels like a special place, then its perfect!


It just keeps getting better and better!


Thank you so much everyone


Very Nice! I love your altar cloth. :heart: and you have your moon and candle print outs hanging up. :clap: I’m excited for you! I think you will add and take things off as you use it. Its all yours and how you feel.

Now I need to update mine! Ostara is around the corner or I’ve been wanting to do something for Gaia too. So many choices. There’s something very enjoyable about decorating a space all your own.

There is a real nice altar blessing on Spells8 if you haven’t blessed it yet. I hope your altar brings you everything you need. :heart:

Bless Be :rose:


Thank you so much :relaxed:


I think that looks amazing!!! And of course the most and really only thing that matters is that it looks and feels right to you!!! Always go with your intuition! Creating your altar for the first time (or 20th in my case lol) is a magickal undertaking itself! I’ve redone mine many times and I love it so much more every time.
You’re doing great!


First of all, it looks great.

Second, I sometimes struggle with whether I have to much too stuff on my altar, too. It’s like, I have all this gear and I want to use it. Crystals and candles and statues and pentacles and offering bowl and a second candle and an athame and a wand and a pentacle and don’t forget incense and a cauldron and tarot cards and…

Phew! Yours definitely doesn’t look cluttered like mine sometimes does. It’s okay to rotate things and as others have said, it is all up to you. I am so glad that I don’t have a kick ass altar cloth like that, because then I’d be tempted to build an altar to match, and then I’m going to need a bigger room, and… :wink::grin:


Thank you everyone for the feedback :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Hi Miss Babywitch, Good question about altar set ups.
any ‘rules’, guidelines or suggestions are just that. The altar is yours. Who do you associate with, Goddess?, God?, the universe?

above is a suggestion for an altar from Spells8. It’s pretty inclusive.

****The first thing you should think about is a symbol of your deity or that which you worship, male and/or female is placed on your altar to recognize their importance and to honor them.

  1. You want the directional element symbols [of some sort) to call quarters.
  2. The pentagram is like the spirit of your altar. As your spirit is the center of the pentagram, the pentagram is the center of the altar.
  3. Salt is a good idea for it’s cleansing power and repulsion of negativity.
  4. Water?(Holy or Florida, etc.), you only need about a teaspoon in a tiny bottle. Bless it and keep it on your altar. Again, it repulses negativity (salt) and can be used to bless your tools.
  5. I use a symbolic cauldron because I can burn anything, so rather than burning my house down, an image is fine. The same thing with candles, I either use battery candles or birthday candles, they burn quick and are easily put out. I even found a candelabra for a B-day cake and mini candles, it’s real pretty lit.
  6. I also keep an offering bowl (small) in which I give what ever appeals to me, flowers, change, a cup of coffee, etc.
  7. Incense? I use incense matches, since my house is only 660 sq. ft. and regular incense would be like a fumigation. Matches burn 5-10 seconds and quickly dissipates. It’s enough to sooth me in the prep for a spell.
  8. Wands are a tool to help you focus. Many think a wand is necessary to create a circle of power or protection. I think the use of a wand is optional, but if in the beginning you want a wand (and they do look cool), find a nice branch, ask the tree if you can use it. Or use one the tree has already shed & thank the tree.
    It should be between 12-18", as with any magical equipment it should be lovingly made, and consecrated. The other members will give a better How, why and what to do.
  9. I also keep a tiny compass because I can get lost going around the block. It helps me call quarters.
  10. Gems and crystals are on the altar by personal preference , the point of the spell, etc.
  11. The Athame is considered like a sacred sword and is used ceremonially in some rituals.
    Anything else is your choice, a fancy cloth, or even a nice piece of velvet or patterned fabric to cover your altar before you set it up.

Well, I’ve talked long enough. Long story short it’s you altar upon which
you will worship, do what calls to you and have what you think is needed.
IN the meantime, Blessed be, be safe and stay free.


Your alter is in fact just that yours. While there are many guides as to how to set up the alter your heart will guide you as you grow in your practice. As you grow it will evolve both as you learn who you are and more.


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