Doing tarot reading for others— not here in the Coven

Just wondering how I would go about doing readings for others? In general, not here in the coven. I have posted on my facebook but only one person is interested. I don’t want money but to be able to try my skills with others. So far I am doing readings on myself and feel I have enough confidence to try on a handful of others. Not much confidence, lol, but enough I’m willing to try with someone that is okay with me being more than a beginner but less than a novice, if that makes sense.


I think you’re already on the right path! The first step is to open yourself up and invite others to get a reading. Not everyone will be interested, of course, and sometimes it takes a while before people will start coming to you for readings.

I’m not sure of any groups off the top of my head that are for this, but maybe you can find Facebook groups or other social media groups to post in?

I think it would be okay to do it here, too, if you wanted!


World divination association has some groups on facebook that have new people learning to do readings for others and its no pressure as everyone is learning and you get paired wirh a buddy for a read and do rrads for each other. Its a great way to practice without pressure of getting wring. They do lots of different reads like tarot, lenormand kipper and oracle. They also have groups specific to tarot and kipper as well. Ive joined and done a few nervous buddy reads for others. That’s what they call it ( cause everyone is learning), and its great way to meet others on the learning journey and practice doung different types of reads and getting feedback on your reads while ypur buddy does a read for you and you provide feedback to then. They do tarot reads on the world divination assocuation group but they also have a specific tarot group. And if have questions you can ask, just like you can ask here too. Evwryone has different levels of experience. If your wanting to give that a go, its a great next step and its less pressure than just jumping ibto paying customers or even non paying who may expect expert read. Cause everyone in group is learning and practicing and the feedback can be helpful to not only build confifence but also to hone your skills in reading tarot. Just a suggestion in case interested :grin:


I am a member of 2 groups-- one for understanding tarot and the other is basically for free readings. Still on the fence about that one.

I will look into the world divination one, for sure. Thanks for that suggestion :slight_smile:


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