Don't drain the 'bank'


Oh! I love :heart: this! It speaks to me so much right now with what I am going through & working on recently! :revolving_hearts: Thank you so much @SilverBear


I just love spending mine on those I love, both energy and money, until there’s a big round zero on my account… :innocent: :money_with_wings:

I need to learn to invest in a sustainable way :revolving_hearts:
Even if it doesn’t sound as romantic :joy:


I have done ths also in my past & to my own detriment… so should you find a more sustainable way, let me know :laughing:


I’m feeling it has to do with a feeling of scarcity, that while I have it I better use it… I’ve heard and read from a few different sources that maintaining a connection to the Source (or a deity of abundance such as Lakshmi) can bring about a peace that there’s always an infinite abundance available… that way there’s no rush to spend that energy or money. It feels right but it’s still a work in progress in practice for me. :yellow_heart: :white_heart:


This is very real! Growing up poor, both my husband and I had to fight this mentality for several years before we finally got our finances under control. It’s still a struggle (you should see how many plastic Walmart bags I have stashed away :rofl::rofl:) but we take each day one at a time.

I do agree that connecting with Spirit has helped me tremendously to see that abundance isn’t just about :moneybag::moneybag: but about the love we have in our lives, the love we can share with others. I’ve learned to be grateful for the little things.


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