Dont seem to have option to reply from to anything

Not sure why but i cant seem to reply to any posts any more. I was going to go post on the challenge but didnt seem to be able to find the reply button. I thought maybe was tempory issue but its been like that for a little while now. So i apologise if i don’t reply to a post or dont enter entries or stuff. Its not that dont want to just doesnt seem to be an option. Wasnt sure how to let ppl know except hthis way, hopefully it work ok.

Lol i also noticed that my tag had suddenly become sea witch even though i hadnt changed it. I was still trying to digure out which one i wanted to be so i hadnt chosen one yet. But one day noticed sea witch next to my name. Got no problem with seawitches or ocean/sea/water magic. Just was confused how suddenly had a tag or title when i hadnt cjosen what to identify wuth lol. Not even sure how to change it or if i can. . But for now jyst thought mention. Curiousity confusion not sure but jyst wasnt sure how it happened or what to do should i figure out a title wanted to use how to change it seeing as dont knkw how to change that to begin with yet alone how it got changed without me :laughing:technology​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::joy::joy::joy:


Usually when this happens that means your membership has lapsed. Check your account to make sure you have an active membership :blush: and then everything should be fixed!

I’m going to tag in @Francisco here too, just in case!


@Phoenix_Fire Try now! I just sent you a private message :email:


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