Downloaded pages

I’ve been downloading some of the printable pages from here onto my phone, and I’ve noticed that when I click on one like 14 other ones pop up and it’s just kinda all over the place is there somewhere on this app where all of the spells and potions and herbs and things like that it’s like all in one place and download them or do you have to go through all the different topics? It’s just extremely time consuming. I have to keep exiting every time I click on one.


Hi Jyssie,

There is one place where you can find most of the pages listed individually. Click here: Grimoire PDF :page_facing_up:

I recommend that if you can, download them to a laptop or computer because the folders are much easier to manage that way. Each device has its own file system and default PDF reader so it’s hard for me to see what is happening on your phone. I will follow up with you on a private message. :email: