Dream about Hecate?

Good afternoon from Sydney everyone, i was just wondering has anyone else had a dream about any deities before they decided who they relate with? I have been interested in the deity Hecate lately and Cernunnos but am still discovering who i relate or feel drawn to… Last night i had a dream that i chose Hecate as my deity Any comments what this may mean?


I have not had a dream of a specific deity yet and would love to experience what you have had.

I am currently reading The Law of One which intrigues me:

I would love to be able to speak with Ra and personally feel their vibration flowing through my body into words that make sense to me on this reality. To work on myself and to become the best that I can in this body and on this planet.


I hesitate to suggest anything about dreams because I am still very new to all this and because dreams are so personal. I suspect that the more experienced coven members will suggest that you try some divination to determine if She is indeed calling you. It could be that She is, but you will likely want to see more than one sign to confirm.


Sounds interesting… At the moment i have started general reading such as wicca for beginners, spells for beginners, palmistry, and i have recently started reading this magazine History of Paganism… I have 2 other books coming via post which relate to the first 2 books which are crystal magic and herbs… I was thinking of buying a book called psychic witch and am also in the process of finding another which related to empaths etc… As i mentioned on your other reply any suggestions on some reading such as learning to put myself in a trace or any other general reading suggestions would be appreciated…


As @Undomeher stated, certain forms of divination could help.

Ones that I wish to try soon are scrying.

Perhaps a black bowl of water (moon water) and incense smoke in between me and the bowl, in meditation and looking into the water. There is a lot of literature available on scrying :slight_smile:


I have made a black mirror a few weeks back and also purchased a crystal ball… So far no luck but i feel my issue is i need to dig deeper and having a bit of piece and quite here without the 4 kids running around may help…


Hmmm yep I know the feeling. I work in public service and have 2 kids and parents in law in the home.

I have to pick specific days in the month that I want to myself when I know all are at school and house will be quite enough to allow me to go deep without the anxiety of being distracted or walked in on for them to only look at me weird as if I’m worshiping some devil or practicing black magic.


hahaha yes exactly my partner and kids take most of my time and when i decided to stay awake after they all went to bed my husband said all hell will break loose if i continue to do what i am doing…


Yep. My wife is a devout practitioner of Falun Gong and had a hard time initially accepting my path.

She now understands in her own faith that not everyone has the same path and that having an open mind and acceptance to others paths is only ends up beneficial to yourself as well.

So yes, but still if she walks in she will likely shake her head hah.


Like @Undomeher, is not on me to interpret your dream, because I understand that is something personal. Meditation and divination can help in the matter, I can ping point to guided meditation and references about Hekate, on working with her is a personal choice from you to take.


My thoughts on dreams like this vary, honestly. This has actually happened to me before, but it wasn’t so much that I was interested in Hekate. I was seeing Her everywhere on my social media, people were talking about Her and sharing their work with Her, and I felt like that might be a sign. I even had a dream about Her! However, over time, with divination and meditation, it turns out that all of that going on was just the algorithms at work. The people I follow were celebrating a Holy Day for Hekate and, since I was seeing Her everywhere, my brain decided I needed to dream about Her.

Divination can definitely help you figure out if your dream is actually a dream. Even just meditation and learning more about Her. No one can tell you if it’s important because dreams are so personal.


It’s hard to tell if you’re dreaming of a deity because they’re calling out to you or because you’ve just been seeing their name and face everywhere.
In my experience, the best way to learn which deities you want to work with is simply working with them. When I worked with Hecate for the first time, nothing happened, but I think it’s because I wasn’t really opened to it. I tried again after a couple of months and I had one of the most relaxing meditations I can remember.


Not trying to jump on a bandwagon, but She’s been showing up for me, as well. Popped up as a pinterest recommendation with the words Work with Hecate in large letters, and then again here. But if I’m searching and viewing witchy things, of course she’s going to show up. I have also had art nouveau images pop up, but that doesn’t mean I’m being called by art nouveau. But at that same time it is worth checking into - it’s not a call you want to miss.


thanks @Undomeher @Kasandra @MeganB @pedros10 @Temujin_Calidius i haven’t particularly seen her on my social media or anything as i am not social much apart from here and barley check my Instagram etc… I have however been interested in her since i watch a tv show that worshipped her and i was very curious even though the show was fictional. That maybe the reason also i am working through the goddess course and Hekate opens once i go through each goddess one by one so i have been slowly reading and also now very interested in Freyja as well… I guess as you mentioned i will have to wait and just work with a deity i feel connected with… Thanks everyone