Duality of fitting in!

Someone needed to hear this today! It was probably me!

Happy Wednesday!


Ohh there’s actually a short poem written about this! Well, I don’t know if it’s considered a poem because it’s only a few lines, but I think it counts.

Image from my Instagram

This isn’t exactly the one I was looking for but it works, too. :heart: :hibiscus:


I like them both!

I think it qualifies as a poem @MeganB or I’m confusing Haiku with something else that’s only a few lines :thinking:


Oh it definitely does, I’ve seen shorter ones, sometimes the essence of it can be crystallized in just a few lines! :blush: I like them both too, and love the idea that you don’t have to limit yourself in any way, you can let it all shine :sparkling_heart: Let those patterns and stories be your guide to what’s out there, pick the ones that feel yours and do away with the rest, and if it feels like there’s still something left untapped, dive deep inside your underworld, map them out and create something unique that’s true to you :smiling_face: :sparkles:


I absolutely ADORE & LOVE Nikita Gill! She is one of my most favorite poets!!! I will have to print this and put it in my reflective journal or Book of Mirrors.


A really powerful reminder for the day- love this, @AileyGrey! Thanks for sharing it :heart:

And I hadn’t seen the Persephone Girl poem before- don’t mind me tucking it away in a folder to read again later! It’s perfect and really self-empowering :muscle: :two_hearts: Thank you, @MeganB!