Earth and moon boutique find

While scrolling facebook a coulle of weeks ago i saw an ad for eath and moon boutique where you can get a random tarot deck for $6 and at check out it gave me a bonus offer to add a second deck for $1. These are the 2 i got

I was immediately drawn to the crow tarot deck (i have to cleanse them and bless them before i start working with them still but something about the crow tarot deck is really pullin at me)

Here are some pictures of the artwork on them

The crow tarot

The cosma visions

They didnt come with guidebooks but they have a qr code that i scanned to download the guidebooks too


I’ve been thinking about getting a crow tarot deck or oracle deck, but I haven’t found one that appeases me. Lol :laughing: I’m so happy that you found 1 it looks gorgeous! Great deal you found!


OOh, how nice!


Ohhhh beautiful new decks, Phoenix! :heart_eyes: I particularly love the crow deck- such fun cards :sparkles::raven:

Thanks for sharing- enjoy your new treasures!


Theres just something about the crow deck that im drawn to


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