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Hey, My name is Jayson. I have always felt drawn to Wiccan even as a young child. I would always catch myself staring at pictures of the ancient gods and would end up finding candle spells on Pinterest and what not. Recently, I have been on a path of discovery and questioning every part of my life and i keep getting drawn back here. I realized that i have been learning all of my life and that i feel a connection with the energies of Earth. I have watched the videos and I have been studying for about the past month, watching YouTube videos and trying to find whatever articles I can far and wide on the internet. I want to know where I go after I’ve watched the self initiation videos on here.
Btw it kind of stinks that all of y’all are on the west coast, because out there is so different and less judgmental than living in the old south with a strict Christian old school family.

Anyway, sorry for the long read. Hope you can help answer my question.


Hi Jayson, welcome to the forum!

I can understand about the east coast thing. I used to live in a small town in Oklahoma - I’m talking 400 people - and I felt like such an outcast. The only advice I can give you on that aspect is to find your people. You may not see them because of the nature of where you live, but I can promise you that they are there. You can use groups on Facebook to help find people in your area, or even Meetup.com.

As far as where to go after the videos you’ve already watched? At that point, I believe it’s about finding the things that you’re interested in, honoring the Sabbats, honoring the Gods you believe in, and move past the surface experience of Wicca to a more deep and spiritual one. To do this, you keep learning, keep questioning the things around you, connect to the Land and the land spirits, and live your life in a spiritual and holistic way.

If you’re looking for more information about Wicca and you’ve already watched all the videos, done all the lessons, and read all the articles here on Spells8.com then I suggest finding some Wiccans to follow on YouTube and Instagram. If you’re open to more than just Wicca but witchcraft in general, I run my own YouTube channel and podcast, and my own website that has information on it, too. Plus, I’m a regular here on the forum and I’m always available to answer questions!

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to dig deep into the information available to you, but always remember to think critically about what you read and the source it’s coming from.

Many blessings to you,

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Welcome, Jayson! Agreed that it’s hard to practice especially with an old fashioned family… but that’s why we are solitaries, we don’t need anyone’s permission to explore our path!

If you’ve completed the self-initiation, I suggest you visit the Online Courses page on Spells8. You will find more video courses such as this one:


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Thank y’all so much. It is so nice to have people to actually talk to about my passion.


I have definitely felt like that before lol and I’ve been doing this for a while! The online sphere is my community because there isn’t a community here where I live. So, online it is!

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I too am a beginner and live in New Hampshire. I have been practicing most of my life without actually “coming out” and saying, “I practice witchcraft”.

I actually don’t think I was ready to admit what I was doing out-loud. Growing up in a very strict Catholic family…good grief… LOL

So, when I say beginner, I mean I have fully embraced my path and don’t care who knows now. I seem to be taking a path of an Eclectic Green Witch with heavy Wiccan beliefs. :herb:

Most people I know, that have seen my crystal collection, and incense, candles, herbs, etc… make fun of me with all my “hippie shit”. So, my whole life, I’ve just chuckled and said “yep, hippie shit” – on December 28th 2019, I came out of the broom closet, so-to-speak. I mean, I don’t go around announcing it, but if people ask I tell it like it is and now correct the “hippie shit” comments. Most have become silent, once corrected, maybe they are afraid I’ll hex them LOL. :rofl: :joy:

I’ll be 50 this year & entering the Crone stages of life and with that comes my new attitude of "If you don’t like what I do, great, if you want to learn more great. :smile: Thankfully I have a very supportive husband, even though he doesn’t believe in anything I do. :smile: He says, “whatever makes you happy” So, I am thankful for that!


I get this all the time, too! Depending on who it is, I’ll correct them. However, my family and friends already know and some prefer to call it hippie shit, so I just let them lol

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Yep, LOL Depending on who it is…I let them call it hippie shit. But some I feel compelled to correct haha…my hang-up I suppose.

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Merry Meet Jayson and a big welcome! I may be on the west coast but my town of 2300 has 17 churches if that tells you anything… lol
This site is so full of info…just pick out anything and read watch or follow it, you will learn a lot.
Blessed Be


I subscribed I am Sacred Feather online, I have a lot of witch channels I watch and have watched faithfully for a few years. I learn so much too. Love all Spells8 has for us… keeps me busy!

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