Electric shock from own energy?

Hi everyone, so i have been practicing focusing on my inner energy since i am a new witch, and am feeling stronger the more i do it. I have also noticed today whenever my husband touches me he gets zapped. It happened so many times today he actually was like what’s going on, and the thought popped into my head, could the fact that i feel my energy getting stronger be the cause or do you think i am looking into too much? Any suggestions?


If you feel like you’re getting too much energy you need to ground and center. That should take care of it. Good luck in not zapping your hubby anymore!


Great advice!!!
@TheMuslimWitch that’s happened to me many times. Yes, you have to ground yourself. You can listen to a meditation or what I do sometimes is tap on my thymus which is right under your collar bone, but in the center of the chest. It works right away!


Thanks Christina, but how do I ground and centre? Also isn’t a lot of energy a good sign like especially when I want to do a ritual or spell work or does having too much energy disturb my practice?


@christina4 lol I just realised there is 2 Christinas so perhaps i sHould stick to your user names so everyone doesn’t get confused…. so asides from touching there do I have to do anything else like when I do meditate or focus on my inner energy or is there something else I should focus on?


That would help!!! I mentioned meditation just to center yourself. But yes I’d suggest to focus on calming down your inner energy. While inhaling, focus on calm energy coming in to your inner energy and while exhaling the extreme, hyper energy exits.


Thanks I will try that :relaxed:


Think of it like a car engine, too much gas will flood it and it won’t turn over. Too much energy in the wrong place can mess up your spell as well, you have to know when to let it go. Here are a couple of good videos I’d suggest, one on Grounding and Centering, and one on Energy Manipulation.

That should explain things better than I could and help you out.


Thankyou i will be sure to watch it :blush:


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch!

Amethyst and Christina gave some excellent magickal advice, and I agree- if you think you are carrying too much energy in your body post-spellwork, it may indeed be an issue of grounding and control :person_in_lotus_position:

Just offering a mundane answer as well, as sometimes when the seasons change, electric shocks become more common. This has a lot to do with changing levels in humidity- especially as hot and humid weather turns colder and drier.

Water happens to be an excellent conductor, so in the spring, summer and fall, when the air in Canada holds a lot of moisture, any negative charges built up on your body can jump to the air, (or vice versa, from the air to your body, either one will result in a shock), whenever they want. And it happens constantly, we just don’t know they’re happening. But in the winter, when the air is drier, the charges simply sit on your skin, waiting for you to approach another conductor (like your car, a doorknob, or another person) to make that leap.

From McGill University: How Can I Stop Getting Static Shocks?

We’ve had quite a few chilly mornings here now and I’m getting more electric shocks than usual! :zap: Just something to consider if you’re in a place where the weather is changing!

Sometimes solutions to problems are purely magickal, sometimes purely mundane, and othertimes a mix of both- always good to consider the options when searching for a solution! :+1:

Love and Light!


Yes I previously would just put it down to the easiest logical reason, however after finding my witch path I am questioning everything :relaxed: Like you said could be both I mean here in Australia the weather changes so quickly and we usually have all 4 seasons within a week sometimes…


This is interesting because I am constantly zapping people around me :thinking: I never even considered anything another than my electric personality :grin:


Well my mum used to say that her mum could not wear a watch because of the electricity in her body and you could see the hands spinning around. I would love to hold such an energy, I feel it would be useful in spell work…


Hahaha we had similar weather when I lived in New England- sometimes all 4 seasons in a day! :joy: And nothing wrong with questioning, I agree! Starting on the witchy path certainly opens up many more doors and significantly more answers than were available before :blush::+1: