Elemental Ritual Bath ⛰

Disclaimer: Do not put selenite in water!

The elements are each a mighty force on their own- but combine them and you may that they unlock the magickal potential of the universe!


My mind is going in a few different directions for this challenge, so I am just going to write and see what happens :sweat_smile:

The first thing that called to me for this challenge was one of my favorite chants…

Earth my body :mountain:
Water my blood :ocean:
Air my breath and… :wind_face:
Fire my spirit :fire:

I had a discussion with a friend of mine a while ago when I talked about element correspondences on YouTube and she brought up several good points. Everything around us, no matter what it is, has a basis in the four elements.

It is either physical and solid like Earth :mountain:
liquid and fluid like Water :ocean:
whimsical and transparent like Air :wind_face:
or volatile and creative like Fire :candle:

I think when all of the elements combine, either in spellwork or in our physical realm, there is potential for either amazing creation or absolute destruction. If you think about it, we are a combination of all four elements, plus spirit if you count it. When other elements combine in our physical world, we can get creations like clay and pottery, beautiful candles, and the serenity of rain :rainbow: But we can also get the devastation of a mudslide after a fire if it rains too hard. We are seeing the devastating effect that cold and water can have on an ever-changing climate in Texas right now.

The Full Moon is coming, and I plan on doing a lot of workings over those three days. I will definitely be incorporating all of the elements in the spellwork. I do not have a spell written just yet, but I can talk about my plans.

Cleansing Ritual Bath

It has been a long time since I have done a good and deep cleansing ritual, and now that I live in a house with a large enough bathtub, I will be taking advantage of that. Regular cleansing is an important part of every practice and, although I know it is important, I don’t always do it.

This full moon, I will take some time to combine all elements and perform a ritual cleansing and purification of myself. I will also cleanse my space, but I can’t quite use water and fire for that :sweat_smile: I don’t want to ruin my carpet or burn down my house.

Anyway, my ritual bath will consist of the following ingredients…

:mountain: Epsom Salt
:herb: Herbs
:gem: Clear Quartz
:gem: Selenite
:fire: Hot Water
:candle: Candles
:dash: Incense
:wind_face: Breathwork

And I will do the following steps…

:star2: Run the bathwater as hot as I can handle. The heat will represent fire and the water will represent water. I tend to take really hot showers and baths anyway, but I do not want the water to be so hot that it is distracting from my purpose.

:star2: While the water is running, add in the Epsom salt (or sea salt if you do not have Epsom salt) and herbs. I will be using a mixture of fresh rosemary and garden sage from my own garden. I have some dried marjoram I will be using as well. For me, these herbs correspond with the following properties…

:herb: Rosemary is protective
:herb: Garden sage for gentle cleansing
:herb: Marjoram for peace

:star2: My crystals will be placed around the bath, but not too close. Quartz is okay to get wet, but selenite will dissolve in water so this one will go on the counter.

:star2: Light the candles around the tub, wherever you can find a safe place to put them. You can go the extra step here and choose candles that have purification or cleansing scents. I will just use regular tea light candles, though, because that is what will fit.

:star2: Once the bath is running, I will say a blessing over the water and charge it with the intention to cleanse and purify my mind, body, and spirit. I used the Elemental Cicle Casting that @Amethyst shared as inspiration for this blessing :heart:

I call on the elements of this physical plane.

Air and wind, Fire and flame,
Earth and rock, Water and rain.

Cleanse this space and charge this bath,
Scatter debris and clear the path.

Purify the mind, body, and soul,
And mend the broken to be whole.

:star2: When I get in the bath, I will do some deep breathing exercise to get into a meditative space, listen to my sounds, and allow the element representatives and plant spirits to do their jobs in my bath.

:star2: When I’m done, I will pull the plug on the drain and the water will carry with it any energy and negativity my body and spirit held.

I think this combination of ingredients and elements will serve well for a ritual cleansing and purification. It appears in just letting my mind and hands wander around the keyboard, I have written up my own little Full Moon Ritual Bath :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that is not what I had intended, but apparently that is what I needed.

Continuing the discussion from :small_blue_diamond: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Elemental Mastery


What a lovely bath! I’m glad my chant inspired you! I really need to win that lottery and get a walk-in tub. LOL.


Beautiful spell @MeganB! I really liked that tip about picking scented candles based on intention. That’s a great way to add some Herbal Magic even if we don’t have the right ingredients at hand!

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your relaxing bath! :bath:


Absolutely gorgeous, @MeganB- I loved hearing your thoughts as you walked through the elements and how you draw on them in your practice. I wish you a very soothing cleansing bath- enjoy that new bath tub! :bathtub: :sparkles::heart:


Wonderful ritual and spell @MeganB! Great job! I’m going to convert it to a shower one! I hope the bath served your highest good & you feel amazing afterward.


@Francisco Thank you :herb: I love scented candles but can’t use them often because of allergies in the home, so any chance I get, I take advantage lol

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I am so looking forward to this bath :bath: Thank you!

@Siofra_Strega Yes! Shower cleansing rituals are great too :shower: :sparkles: I hope you like it!


I love this ritual but please don’t put selenite in water. It could dissolve.


Yup, I know :heart: I made sure to put that in there lol my selenite will not be going in water.


@MeganB Goodness knows that after last week’s madness, here in Texas, I will need this.
Water is scarce in certain areas at the moment but it is getting better every day. I will be ready by the Snow Moon and will do the Cleansing Ritual Bath.

Your post has given me inspiration and I am incorporating the ingredients in our bath bombing creation activity with my Grandbaby (6 years old). I normally have a spin of STEAM methodology and never really thought about extending it to the Spiritual Realm, however, I will add a blessing ritual with her. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


That’s so creative :art: :sparkles: :bath: I’m glad things are slowly starting to improve there where you are. I know it’s been horrible to watch on the news and social media.


Ok just trying to help. I care about you gurl!! ( ◜‿◝ ):heart:


No worries! I appreciate it :laughing: it’s helpful, too, for someone who doesn’t read the whole post and just looks at the things I’ll be using. I think I’ll add a disclaimer at the top, too lol