Empathy with animals

I have always had a empathy energy attachment to animals especially if they feel pain and or pass. the feelings that run through my body affect me more than mentally. What does this mean?


Hi @wishiestarz — You would possibly fall under the label of Highly Sensitive Person - with empathies extending to animals - HSP article is a good one:



I agree with Jan, and I’ll add that this sensitivity can be enhanced by the idea that animals are innocent, pure, or that (as opposed to humans) are not malicious or manipulative in any way.

One question to ask you would be whether you feel this towards all animals, or just some animals. It could be that you have a close connection with certain animals in your life as well, or maybe something in your past where an animal was your refuge.


Great question! @wishiestarz

What an interesting site! Thank you for the link, I signed up for the newsletter.

I found one article that said HSP’s Think Deeply!
So… :thinking: I was wondering… Is that like Overthinking? :rofl:


yes I seem to be with Cats. I have saved many ferral baby kittens and all the ferral cats in the area come to me and eventually my trust is build up in them they let me pet them and i take care of them to find them safe homes.


It definitely sounds like what @jan_TheGreenWitch has said. It could also be that you’re highly intuitive toward these animals, or animals in general, which may be different than being a highly sensitive person.

How does this affect your day–to-day? Do you work with animals?


no i don’t work at all… but. i just open my hear to them like they are my kids. i make sure they have food and shelter and can be successful i also protect them from evil danger and bad weather.


That’s such a kind and caring gesture :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m sure they all appreciate your help, too!


i am the only they will come up to and let me touch them. its like they can sense me in return


I feel this post! I have always had a solid connection to all animals. My husband jokes that I’d have a farm if we had land. All my friends also say I am Snow White because I have not met an animal that didn’t like me. Dogs that are aggressive or stand-offish to others come right up to me. I have no problems training dogs; it’s as if we can communicate in some unspoken way.

I think it could be a combination of what @jan_TheGreenWitch stated and part of your calling - to take care of those in need.


Hi @wishiestarz! I just wanted to say that I am the same way! My dog is my child, and the thought of anyone hurting her or her passing (mind you, she turns 3 this Sunday and is in peak health minus her being a little chonky for a bit because her grammy gave her a lot of snacks while we were at my parent’s house for the summer. LOL. She’s back to a normal weight now) makes me physically hurt (muscles hurt) and I start crying uncontrollably. I feel like that even if the animal isn’t my pupper. I find the article @jan_TheGreenWitch shared very valuable! I also want to say that you are a fantastic person for opening your heart to animals in need. I wish more people opened their hearts as you do. Blessed be!