Energy Exchange Circle - 2021 Wiki

:rainbow: Definitely will send you some prayers and when I light my candle. And when I do a meditation I can send him some healing energy! :candle:


Blessings my beautiful friends :heart: I am sending out an abundance of positive energy and uplifting thoughts. I have been feeling really depressed and not myself lately like I am under an invisible attack. I need help to get rid of this negativity.


Iโ€™ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers @elizabeth5! Have you tried an Uncrossing Spell? That might help you some.


I added you to the Energy Exchange Circle.

Negative and depressed thoughts can come from outside of you. Please make sure you are taking care of yourself with balanced diet, good rest, medication if necessary, and your daily spiritual practices. That should help you win the internal battles.

For outside attacks, I usually cast a circle around the place I live. This circle can be walked through by others but it keeps out the negative that may try to cling to them when they walk in.

Walk around the dwelling, if possible, and in your mind think about a white dome encompassing the site. When you get inside, cast another circle for yourself temporarily and do any suggestions others may have. Things like a return to sender, uncrossing spells, etc.

I like to light a black candle, ask that all negativity be drawn to it, and when it is half burned I put out the flame and break the candle in half. (I know, witches everywhere are freaking out.) Then get rid of the candle. You are literally breaking the back of the negative forces.


Great advice & information @praecog29. I think I may try this at my own home! :heart:

@elizabeth5 I hope things ease for you soon. I like to journal my thoughts & feelings. Itโ€™s like a release for me to just get it out & I meditate with an uplifting scent in my diffuser. It helps to ground, center, & raise my vibration a little bit so I can do my normal things. I donโ€™t know if those are things that may help you too? :hugs: :heart: