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This is the :candle: Energy Exchange Wiki :candle: for 2021. It is referenced every two weeks in the latest Energy Exchange Circles.

As members of Infinite Roots we cast a metaphysical circle around the earth, :earth_asia: covering our friends and families in light, love, and healing energy.

The reply to this first post is the wiki. People can add or remove any of their own names/requests.

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Energy Exchange Wiki

An Updated Note From Praecog29

(If you are on this list, please provide an update. I’ve begun to add dates to requests. Ones that will be ongoing for months will be left alone but others will fall off in the circle on or after two weeks.)

  1. Good wishes for quick healing in regards to a leg infection.
  2. Her friend, Lorraine, sees the doctor about health issues on November 4th.
  1. Her son needs continued love and light around him.
  2. Requests support for herself.
  • @phoenix_dawn
    Moving forward with life with renewed resolve. (You got this, friend!)

  • @NickWick
    Requests spiritual healing.

  • @robin77
    Father will be getting a kidney transplant this year. Update! Transplant moved to later due to successful surgery and radiation therapy.

  • @Rowan

  1. Son continued healing support/positive energy for managing diabetes.
  2. Asking for positive energy for son on his new job pursuit, Interview tomorrow (Thursday)
  • @SharonD
    Ongoing concern for her grandchildren staying with her.

    Dad has a bad flare-up with emphysema and just found out that he’s positive for COVID-19. My daughter also has it. They’re quarantine-ing together in a separate room in the house. Any positive thoughts, prayers or energy is welcomed. They’re both high risk.


Oh I love this! Thank you! I go to the rheumatologist tomorrow for some of that, so by the end of this week I should have a better idea of what is going on with me. Great job @praecog29


@praecog29 thank you for this! I would be ever so grateful to place a request, my subscription with spells8 will lapse tomorrow because of an inability to work during this pandemic. I am feeling quite sad about it because I am new and just beginning my journey. I don’t have anyone in my personal life that I am comfortable opening up to about my new path. I come from a very judgemental family rooted in conventional religion. Spells 8 has helped me with my ptsd/anxiety/depression more than any of the dozens of medications that I have tried. I don’t mean to carry on, in short I suppose my request is to not loose what I have gained and that I may continue to grow in a positive manner despite not being here for a time…


We will all be here for you when you make it back. I’m sorry I don’t know much about the subscription process and if there are other options or coupons. I had replied to the other post that you made and tagged Francisco, because he may have an option that isn’t public knowledge.


Thanks to generosity, I can rescind my request!


Thanks again to the warmhearted @praecog29 for putting this wiki together- it is great to have all requests neatly in one place! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m so glad it worked out for you, @Neptune! We are glad to have you here in the forums :heart:

Sending love and light to everyone still fighting on!

:candle: :heart_decoration: :candle:


I had my MRI for my thumb last night & today I got my first payment from Social Security & got things paid off or they are now all in good standing. Those medical bills from my past surgeries & scans were nerve-racking. All in all the positivity & light that was sent my way is paying off. Tomorrow I see my orthopedic surgeon & find out some kind of answers. Then I have to tell him about my shoulder deciding not to work without pain. I’m hoping it’s not my rotator cuff.

Thank you all so much! Just a small bit to get through now!


Congrats, @Siofra- that is such wonderful news! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You deserve all the good things coming your way, you have been fighting so hard! Wishing you the best of luck at the orthopedic surgeon- hopefully he can help your shoulder :pray:


I hope the doctors visit goes well. I always bring a list before the doctors appointment so I don’t forget anything! Bless you and all day long! :hibiscus:
Blessed be


Copying this post to the Energy Exchange and hope to keep the above members on this list too!!! @FlagrumThorn @Rowan


I found out today that I can go to my regular occupational therapist for the custom splints. I just got the referral to go for my yearly physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions and I love the people there. They understand what I need and know when to push and when not to push. They are amazing right down to the office staff. I couldn’t have asked for better therapists.


I have all of my physical & occupational therapy appointments set up including the fitting of my new brace. I do have a new shoulder, upper arm, elbow thing going on, but since I am doing the physical therapy and I am letting it rest and using ice on it. Hoping I just pulled something and it will pass. But right now certain movements, like turning my steering wheel, getting dressed, washing my hair, putting on my coat… all is excruciating. So I’m hoping tomorrow especially, I can rest it a bit. My soft braces/splints are still helping immensely for my thumbs & wrists. I feel like… it’s always something… but that’s what comes with having hEDS and the comorbid conditions that seem neverending. I did have my Botox for migraines today. It was my 21st treatment. It has helped me, way more than I ever expected. The breakthrough migraines are the worst, but I will take 1 maybe 2 breakthrough migraines a year over almost 20 migraines in a month from the time I was 24 years old.

That’s my update, thank you everyone for your positivity and healing energy. I appreciate it so much, I can’t properly put it into words.


Thanks for the update, Krissie! So sorry to hear you’re dealing with the pain. I hope you can get some rest and find relief soon. Continued love and light coming your way :heart::pray:


thank you so much, I appreciate it. I’m in bed today, going to take the day off from housework and rest my bones today. I’ll be in and out all day long. It’s a good day for it here. It’s cold & gray outside so might as well watch some mindless TV and rest while my daughter does her remote school.


@berta Thank you, I’m here. Just been trying to process all this chaos going on in our country right now, maintaining a positive mindset, dealing with a situation with my son (well it seems there’s always a situation with him, but I’m re-evaluating how to reduce the effect he has on me).
I Miss you all!
@Siofra that’s great that things are shaping up for you. You deserve everything good.
Blessed Be,


@Rowan, I’m so happy to see you in the forum! I hope everything is okay with you too! You deserve good things too! :heart:


Hi Tamara,
I am having a hard time with all my Veterans I take care of too they see more than I ever did.
We live in some really hard times with all our leadership that seems that the government needs to be governed!
Are you getting ready for the challenge? I don’t know yet what to do, my moms ect grandma back in the hospital because my family didn’t get any help. Love and light


I’m so sorry to hear that @Jeannie1! Sending love & light to you and your family continually. I hope help comes soon for her & your family.


Miss you too, @Rowan! It’s a crazy world out there- know that you can always find some respite and comfort here in the coven :hugs::two_hearts:

Oh no- so sorry to hear that, Jeannie! Sending more love and light to you and your grandma. Wishing the best for you! :pray::heart: