Energy healing, Reiki and spirits how are they relate to witchcraft

I am new to the Wiccan religion but I have certification In Energy healing . I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner. I have a keen Interest in Spirits. They come to me for help. I have many pics and videos on this topic. Can anyone tell me how witchcraft and the reiki and energy healing can assist me in working with the spirits? Thanks everyone Tiffany Paris


Good morning @tammy16.
You’ve posed an interesting and complex question.
Reiki, healing energy and spirits in themselves are different but at once, the same. We (I) like to include Reiki, energy healing (thru chakras) & spirits together in Witchcraft.
I have healing hands (Not always, it’s a gift. Sometimes it works & sometimes not, like any gift.).
When I meditate, there are times I use energy healing to cleanse and align or heal my chakras.
As for spirit, the spirit is me, or mine. I utilize the spirit, for healing through meditation, etc.
If your saying ‘spirits’ do you mean ghosts? Some people working with other worldly beings, who have passed through the veil.
I don’t in particular, but have had several encounters with ‘ghosts’ and none was a negative experience. Frightening at first but not bad.
I know I haven’t explained this as I should but perhaps another can give a better and more concise answers.
Many blessings


Good morning :sunrise: , we have at least a few types of Energy Healers in the forum. I don’t know how they approach energy with their practice or how they use their healing energy within their practice. I am definitely some kind of healer or light worker, sounds corny, but I couldn’t think of a better way to word it. I just have to sort out myself before I offer anything to anyone else.

  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Energy Healing
  • Chakra Healing

We also have members that work with spirits on a regular basis. I still don’t know or understand enough about ancestors or spirits of any kind, just little bits here & there. Depending on the type of spirit work you are talking about there is your own spirit as @Garnet mentioned, there are spirits from others that have crossed over the veil whether related to you or not. There is an energy signature in a lot of things & other spirits could be from nature (plants, herbs, trees, stones, earth). Faeries & sprites & other spiritual beings & their connections can be useful too, but learning about the specific entity you are working with should assist you with how to approach them or not. :fairy:

Personally, for me - I am an empath & highly sensitive to energies around me. As I was learning to work with meditation & focus & intent then moved on to healing myself & learning & researching different methods & modalities. Since I have been drawn to crystals for many years, I decided to take a Crystal Healing Course with Advanced Practitioner training. Through those courses, I was more introduced to Chakras & touched on Reiki. So right now I am working on learning about the Chakra energy centers. I started with the main 7 & now I am working on learning up to 12 but there are 9 that I am interested in working with before I get to the others. I also had recently learned through different appointments to release energy/emotions from myself, I learned that I can move energy through myself, it’s my own energy but I can focus it to go to specific areas of myself.

I have become more aware & present & connected with nature through all of this time working on myself, my path, empath/sensitivity, healing, & energy work. I find working in my yard or gardening is a great way to stay connected & grounded.

From there in my practice, I work with crystals, herbs :herb:, astrology :milky_way: , deities, candle :candle: ritual, the elements :air_element: :earth_element: :fire_element: :spirit_element: :water_element:, the moon :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:, kitchen & green magic, tarot, pendulum, oracle, runes (divination) & spells, but I use my energy to focus & use guided meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: & Breath Work to help me with whatever it is I am doing at that time. Energy work is used in witchcraft to help with manifestation or the Law of Attraction (if that is part of your practice) & I use it to focus my energy where it needs to go or release what no longer serves me. I use the other items to compliment each other on what I do within my practice. I follow a more :triquetra: Celtic Paganism/Irish Paganism path.

:raised_hands: Healing with Hands: Energy Work Technique
Psi Ball & Other Energy Work Techniques :dizzy:
Chakras that lead you to discover your spiritual and energetic gifts

I’m hoping others can help answer your question(s). Everyone is going to have their own answer so whatever feels right to you & how you use it in your practice will be very personal. Any one of the energy workers here may jump in with their experiences too as they are in & out of the forum today/tomorrow :hugs:


First, I’d have to ask what spirits you mean. That’s going to give me a better idea of how to answer your question. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “spirits”?


Merry meet and welcome :infinite_roots: @tammy16

I also have several Energy Healing certifications, RMT, Light Touch, Crystals, etc. I had a spontaneous out-of-body experience, and I learned about the healing energy in my hands. I also didn’t know where to begin.

I found the Healing Touch program, so that’s where I started. I studied with Janet Mentgen, and some of the students mentioned Reiki. So, I studied Reiki next. Then I studied crystals and began using them with various healing techniques. Now I’ve added herbs and essential oils, to create my own healing potions. I’m also an astrologer and card reader. I’m quite an eclectic witch! :magic_wand:

As for spirits, they used to come to me more but at the time I was afraid so I sent them away… and I learned how to use protection. I chose not to work with them. I know that you are interested in spirits, but I don’t know what your intentions are. Do they give you messages? Do you want to help them move on? Something else?

  • First: You must protect yourself and you can do that with Reiki. Each time, before you begin working with them! You must clear your energy and protect yourself!
  • Example: I like to place a golden white light around me that is reflective, so anything negative is sent back. My intention is to allow in the ‘good’ energy and repel the ‘bad’ energy!
  • Second: When you have finished clear your energy again! Protect yourself so you can have some peace and quiet, as you choose…

Since joining Spells 8, a year and a half ago, I have learned that I can create a circle in a sacred space using energy. It seems that I have been doing magic :dizzy: all my life without knowing it! For me, everything just fell into place! And it fits perfectly :sparkles:

Much love :heart:


Merry meet @tammy16,

Welcome to the forum :blush:

You’ve got some amazing talents! I’ve always been a strong believer in the benefits of having a multidisciplinary background- I am sure you will be able to find the places where your many healing and magickal talents overlap and yield the best results :sparkles:

I’ve only experienced reiki once (and it admittedly wasn’t the best experience), so please correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t reiki the transfer of energy through (mostly) physical touch? Spirits by nature lack a physical form, so reiki may not be the best approach for healing spirits- but again, a reiki expert may have better advice for you here.

As for energy healing, I can definitely see possibilities for using your energy healing skills on spirits. However, any methods will depend on what kind of spirit you are working with (ancestor spirits at an altar, house spirits, divine beings, etc- there are many types of spirits) as well as your own abilities you have developed as a healer.

There are a lot of resources for Spirit Work in witchcraft, so I would dig in, do research, and begin to find ways that best resonate with the energy healing skills you already have :blush:

Wishing you all the best- enjoy the journey, Tammy! :sparkles:


BY spirits I mean ghost. They are not ancestors just others whom have passed over. These spirits are intelligent and capable of communicating. I don’t always catch what they are saying but I do pick it up a lot with EVP. I have one gentlemen that comes to me asking me to help him. It can be scary at times so 8m wondering how I can use witchcraft to protect myself and help those ( the ghost) that come to me for my help.


Sticking with what I wrote above, protecting and healing the spirits may be rather complex and will depend on a lot of things, namely your personal healing abilities and areas of talent.

But protecting yourself with magick is a basic of the Craft- have I got some spells for you! :grinning: :+1:

Rather than list each spell one by one, here is the link to an entire Collection of Protection Spells:

My personal favorite method of protection (that stays with you on the go- great for traveling!) is by enchanting jewelry. I especially recommend using crystal beads- you get the benefits of the crystal (especially if you use a Crystal of Protection), can enchant the bracelet with your intention, and then can easily wear it while out and about.

Enchanting Jewelry

I hope you can find protection methods that work for you- there are a lot out there, so keep trying until you find the perfect match :blush:

Good luck and blessed be, Tammy! :sparkles:


Ahh okay, I understand now. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with assisting spirits in any sort of transition but you have already gotten some wonderful advice from others about protection. I wish you the best :pray: :sparkles:


Thank you. I really appreciate your help.


It’s my pleasure, Tammy- good luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


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