Energy work spiritual awakening..?

Any one be able to explain energy work… Preferably psychic ability, seeing spirits in reflections (any reflections) (dead serious dude is going threw my back lack right now and i can see him in the reflection of my cup im drinking from) and things moving when you look at them (im told that it’s me doing it but who knows )… I’m not crazy i swear. Lol

Well personally, when I was little I had a poltergeist experience. Another time I did see a black figure before which scared the hell out of me. As of when I got older and just now in general I only see flashes of light and sometimes really faint shadows that go by super quick. And for me it comes and goes at random times.

What exactly are you wanting to know? Like how to do energy work or what all psychic abilities there are? Or?

I don’t think it’s crazy. It’s called mirror gazing and it’s a very strange phenomenon. You can try with a mirror (light a candle in the dark and practice looking at your reflection) to go into a light or deep trance.

It’s related to energy work and it’s a great way to learn how to read auras. Here’s a Youtube video that explains more:

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