Excited to be here!


My name is Kristin and I am a super baby witch. I grew up in a super Catholic family (Catholic schools, the whole bit), and married into an Episcopal family. Over the years, I’ve just become less enthusiastic about organized Abrahamic religion. I’ve always had eclectic beliefs and have always had friends from a wide variety of religious backgrounds.

Recently, I had a friend “come out of the broom closet” and I got curious: what do Witches and Wiccans actually believe? When I started reading, it was like someone had taken almost every thing I believe and put it on paper! I had no idea! I have always believed in magic, I’ve always been deeply in tune with the cycles of nature, I’m called to stones and the moon and trees… children and animals seek me out… I can tell who is calling be for I see the caller id, and I can whip up an herbal remedy for most of what ails my family in no time.

After my first free days of web browsing, I started to get nervous…. Maybe I was a witch… but what about the church, what about the beliefs I’d had since childhood? I googled and found several books about Christianity and witch craft and I was amazed. I called my best friend and told her about my new discoveries… maybe I was a witch! Her answer… “it took you long enough to figure that out! I always thought you were!”

Anyway, here I am, excited to be a part of this community and continue on this journey of self discovery! I am looking forward to learning and growing along side everyone! Cheers!


Merry meet and welcome @AileyGrey :sparkles: Congratulations on coming out of the broom closet! :magic_wand: This is a great place to continue your journey of self-discovery. :heart: I’m so glad you joined us. :hugs:


Welcome, Kristin! I am a baby witch too, just come here recently as well. I think it’s a wonderful place to be with tons of very nice people and lots of great information! I hope you like it here as much as I do! Good to meet you and look forward to learning more about you and learning more together! :smiley:


I love that story so much! :heart: So exciting to suddenly find there’s a label that explains all the little things that felt unconnected before, and then you realize you have a tribe that wants you in it, the real you. No more masks, no more roles, other than the ones that you pick yourself. Welcome Kristin, we’re happy to have you here with us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @AileyGrey! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots: We’re so glad you found us!

Have you found the Courses on-site yet? They’re a great way to get started along this new path of yours. Just full of good information.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up and help you out. I look forward to getting to know you better!


@kristin6 Member

Welcome! Everyone who has come here has sought an answer to the question, “Is that all there is? Or “What am I missing?”

Let me answer clearly for you. NO, there’s lots more.
Spells8 has a wonderful library of truth and knowledge.

When you stop seeking knowledge and stagnate, that is sad in a way.
In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, just believe in something.

Always, when you decide to do something out of societies Norm,’ there’s a sense of… but what if God punishes me? What if it’s a sin? What if the Church disapproves?”
We, let me address some of your concerns. God would not have given you the ‘Gifts’ you mentioned if he didn’t want you to have them.

Kristin? You are a gift. How can it be a sin to love animals & children? How can it be wrong to have a gift for healing?

Most churches have created a firm dogma in the past 2000 years. That’s really how they indoctrinate us and keep us in line. I know many who happily practice their faith without doubt. And I say Bless them.

But, you know what? You can be a Witch and still be a Christian. One does not obscure the other. It’s your choice. Just because you decide to follow one path, doesn’t’ mean that the old one was completely wrong.
I have a firm belief, Take what you learn and use it. If it doesn’t’ feel right,
let it go.

Spell8 is a place of learning and communion between like minded folks from a round the world. I can’t guess at how many languages are spoken by our members.

As for the site, start with the very first page. You will be offered many resources. You can start on Lessons. As you will be offered many online courses to start your learning, instructional videos, meditations & prayers plus lists of lessons, spell casting & free downloads.
Do not get overwhelmed.
Just ask and someone will reach out with an answer. Please visit Q&A, and Forum, everyone will be delighted to meet you.

Well, precious girl, stay a while, get to know us and we you.
Welcome to our family.
Be blessed, be safe and know you are loved.
Garnet, Master of Chaos

PS: Oh I forgot, we have a weekly witchy Challenge, where we are given a “Challenge”, This week it was “Candle Magick . It’s a lot of fun!


Hi @AileyGrey! I’m from Harpers Ferry, WV. I’m eclectic, and we share a love of moon and trees, and children and animals seem to seek me out. This community is amazing! Welcome!


Merry meet @AileyGrey,

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely introduction- your story definitely resonates! It can be hard to take a step out of comfort zone and explore something new, but it looks like your research helped you embrace what you believe in :blush: Congrats to you for beginning your exciting journey into magick and for finding your way “home”! :heart:

It sounds like you have many wonderful areas of interest- in addition to the Courses that Amethyst mentioned, I recommend exploring the forum. There’s a handy Search Tool you can use to find exactly what you are interested in. Please feel free to join any discussions that call out to you! :infinite_roots:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be, Kristin! :sparkles:


Welcome @AileyGrey I’m Siofra from Cape Cod. I am an Eclectic Witch here & a serious Empath :flushed: I’ve had to learn to separate what is mine & what is other people’s & let go of what isn’t mine, among other things over the last, year & roughly 9 months.

I’m happy that your journey has led you here! The courses are amazing, even if they are a refresher for you & the search tool is awesome because something is bound to come up that will lead you in the direction you want to go. Since everyone here is also friendly & helpful, someone will be able to assist you in some way as soon as they can.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! I look forward to learning with you!


Thank you all for such a heartfelt welcome! I won’t be shy! Im really excited to be here!


Hi and welcome my name is Khadija! So glad u found out ur true self. I too am a baby witch and will look forward to seeing u post here on the forums… if u have any questions don’t hesitate to ask there are many lovely witches here who love to help including myself. :blush:


Hooray @AileyGrey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Make yourself at home here :blush: :infinite_roots: :sparkles:


Welcome :hugs:
I’m Christina and I’m from New York. It’s great to have you here. If you need anything, please just ask.
Blessed be :pray:


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