Expressing Gratitude

During the New Moon I had done the New Moon Money Ritual from Spells8. New Moon Money Ritual/Spell I had a bill from replacing the water heater come in plus a few other stragglers… water bill (bi-annually), a new excise tax, a medical bill. So I did that spell & also called upon Aretmis & Brigid for help & guidance. I asked for clarification during 2 Freebie Fridays with @MeganB. (She does a wonderful job & my Nana & mom seem to like connecting with me through her tarot cards & pendulum :rofl:)

I thought that I had manifested a job at the local grocery store. About a week after doing my rituals, a sign popped up right next to where I regularly park there saying that they were hiring for the summer at $17/hour :moneybag: . There are hiring signs EVERYWHERE in my town. This one was new & unexpected though. I debated that one & talked it out with a friend & my husband. It never came to fruition though. I was okay with that because I don’t want to jeopardize my disability, but at the same time, I was stressing about the finances & these bills right before the summer. :sun_with_face:

I had also filed my taxes on February 12, then I had to send in a form in the middle of March. So I have been “waiting patiently” for my taxes to come in but with no idea when that would be. I had called the IRS twice & the last time they said that they had received my documents & that they were being entered into the system, so basically… keep waiting. I was pretty glum. These bills are staring me in the face & there was no way I could pay them off right away. I meditated on financial stress through Headspace. I journaled every day. I started saving, even though they were small amounts, I was saving. I did a 4 card spread & it said that my energy has been manifested & that I would see the results soon.

I went to the Daily Ritual part of Spells8 & did what I always do, checked what it says for the day… I ran out of all kinds of candles, incense, essential oils because I wasn’t spending on anything that wasn’t a necessity of the house to save for these bills. I clicked on the Daily Tarot Card & I got the Chariot. As I was reading the meaning it said that it represents Victory. So, I thought, I wonder if my manifestations have come to fruition. I checked the status of my Federal Tax Refund on the IRS website & to my delight, not only was my refund processed, it was sent to my bank & should reach it by June 9. I was elated because not only am I getting it, it’s more than what I thought it would be for! It was just shy of the amount that I wrote on the check of abundance for the New Moon Spell that I did.

So today I put an essential oil blend in my diffuser for gratitude… Bergamot, Grapefruit, & Ylang Ylang. I took some of my rose water & placed it on my altar as an offering to Artemis & lit a white candle. I said Brigid’s Prayer & I don’t know if there is anything else that I can do to express my gratitude to my deities or the Universe. I’m so excited plus, its’ a BRIGHT SUNNY DAY & I feel so much better than I have been over the last 8 days.

If anyone has any suggestions of anything else that I can do to express my gratitude for my manifestations being successful, please let me know. I welcome any & all suggestions. I can’t say Thank you enough to Artemis & Brigid. I mostly work with Brigid, but I had a ritual for Artemis to do making Rose Water & charging the charm I wear on my bracelet. I wear Brigid’s Cross on a necklace & my bracelet on a daily basis. I also have made her cross & have it hanging on the wall by my bed. I always have one, the other, or both on my person.


It sounds like offerings are warranted :partying_face: Those tend to be what is acceptable in my experience. I would also say that, in my experience, Brigid always appreciates when you give back especially if you give to somewhere that is connected to Her. If you have any extra leftover I would make a charitable donation. If you don’t, maybe offer to volunteer your time or give to a food bank :heart:


That’s perfect! I can think of a charity that has helped me in the past so I can definitely do that, thank you so much! I don’t know why I am drawing such a blank on what I can do to express gratitude for my success. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


haha that often happens when our emotions are running high! I’m glad to hear that everything is going much better!


Thank you, I knew that I would start to feel better when I saw the sun this morning. My excitement is definitely bubbling over. The rest was a very pleasant surprise. I hope you have a great day & that it doesn’t get to hot where you are!


I’m glad your manifestations worked so well and you’re getting the money you need! Add to that being a nice weekend out you should do something special, like go to a National Park and give your thanks there by talking to the trees or something. Take some birdseed with you and feed the animals, or apples. Apples always make a good offering I think.

You can also journal about what you’re giving thanks for. That way you have it to look back on, if there’s ever a day you’re having doubts.

Hope these idea helps!


Yay for your manifestation :heart::heart: that will be a weight off and you can look towards other ventures now :heart: so happy for you :heart:


Thank you @Amethyst That’s a great idea, I just ordered bird seed too! & I’m definitely going to journal about it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you @Liisa I’ve been in a great mood today & got all of my stuff done early. It’s been a great day!


I am so happy to hear this @Siofra things are really looking up for you. I feel good inside hear your story and how things took such a positive turn in your favor. :hugs:


Thank you @NickWick, I’m so happy that things are starting to work out too! There’s been a lot of ups & downs & all around, but thank you for your love & support through the last few months.


Of course @Siofra not a problem at all. L :heartpulse:ve and L​:candle:ght :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This post makes me smile :grin::two_hearts::heart:


Yay for smiles! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: