Fairy Garden Omens

I’ve set aside a part of my garden for the Fae. Today, I found a dead baby bird with its head bitten off in that area. It’s mother came back to find it, but we had already disposed of it because we didn’t want our dog to get a sniff of it. Nor do I think my dog would do that (he once caught a bat and just played around with it).

Does anyone see this as a bad omen? I’m freaked out by the weird circumstances.

Let me know if you have any insight.



Hello @nicola3
I’ve only been on here a couple months so I’m still a newb. But I have an opinion! SO, find a positive-you could look at it as it could be that the baby bird spirit will move in with your fae garden as you set it up.
If your worried about negative energies then purify the area and say some encouraging prayers.
Nature will be nature, animals will be animals. We can’t blame a cat or dog for acting on their instincts even if they take a life of a bird or mouse. It is sad but it is life, its a cycle.
I hope this helps. Bless Be. :rose:


Thank you :heartpulse:


That’s a great answer!!! I literally just made a post about making a fairy garden with my kids. Then I see your post. Crazy. But I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Just cleanse the space for the fae.
Light some cleansing herbs or sprays. And it’ll all be good! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:


You know it could be the Fae paying you back. In a nice way for them, I mean, like a cat bringing you a dead bird or something. The Fae aren’t like humans, it could be a nice gesture.

Or you have a cat in the area. Could be that too.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


I agree with Sarall and Amethyst. A dead bird can have meaning (as in showing you the end of a cycle, not necessarily physical death), but some times it’s just a dead bird.

The fae have a reputation for making mischief and having fun with it. If you notice any more of these encounters then maybe you should start looking deeper into it but for now there’s probably no reason to overthink.