Familial Validation

Merry Meet one an all~

Wanted to share (not sure that this is the correct venue- feel free to relocate if it isn’t :blush:)

Recently reconnected with my half-sister in Texas.

Boy did we catch up!!!

She is majorly into crystals and “shiny rocks” as she calls them, but more importantly she reminded me that when my Oma came to the US to visit the family (1977) she did some pretty cool stuff, that incensed my mother- her daughter.

Purified the house using white sage that she brought with her from Romania;
Constantly gave prayer on just about everything there was;
Blessed and thanked the fruit trees after Opa planted them;
Salted the doorways and lanai for protection;

After hearing all this, she and I both realized that we have a lot in common and are proud of heritage and our beliefs.

Turns out we actually are ancestors to some pretty amazing talents and mages.

I never could understand where this “preoccupation” came from and now I know!

Never discredit what one thinks as fantasy as it could actually be your reality.



So glad you got to meet up with your sister again, but that’s really amazing about your Oma! What a nice story!


That is so cool, @Durga! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m so happy for you that you were able to reconnect with your half-sister and that you found that you share so much in common. And also that those special interests and talents of both of yours were also shared by your Oma- she sounds like she was quite the woman! :sparkling_heart:

Congrats to you! :sparkles::blush:


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