Feathers Anyone

I went to the zoo yesterday and my kids and i collected some feathers from the ground. The worker said its fine. And we didn’t hurt any precious animals. But my question is, what could i do with peacock feathers, dove feathers and raven feathers in my practice?
Here are a few photos.
These are the peacoc feathers. The color is iridescent and I couldn’t catch it on camera.

This is the dove :dove:

And the raven.


Ohhhh look at those pretty feathers! :heart_eyes: :feather: You got yourself some lovely treasures- I hope you had a blast at the zoo! :sparkles:

First, if you haven’t already, I would recommend washing them- animals are naturally dirty, and feathers often end up on the ground with other not-so-beautiful animal by-products :poop: :laughing:

(A simple mix of water and dish soap often does the trick. Feathers are waterproof and tend to dry pretty quickly, so no worries about ruining them.)

Once they’re clean, the possibilities are endless!

→ Feathers are perfect for Air Elemental spellwork :air_element:
→ Peacock feathers are wonderful ingredients in Glamour Magick :peacock:
→ Dove feathers are lovely in peace spells or any type of wholesome blessing :dove:
→ I believe raven/crow feathers would make a good offering for The Morrigan, Hekate, or any other deities associated with corvid birds :raven:

I’m sure others will have some tips and suggestions for you too- however you choose to use them, I’m sure they will serve you well! Blessed be, Christina! :heart::feather:


OMG! :rofl: That had me rolling, Bry!

I’ve always heard that peacock feathers were bad luck. Maybe that’s just for actors and the theater but my Mom refused to let me have them in the house. So, maybe a good smudging after washing them?


Hahaha for all the times you make me laugh and smile, I’m happy to share some chuckles of my own! :laughing: :heart:

I hadn’t heard of this before and would love to learn more about it :star_struck: Do you know what it is about them that associates them with bad luck? The colors, or the bird itself?

Now that I’m thinking about it, in Polish, the word for peacock (paw) is the same as the word for vomit (paw) that sometimes in chatspeak they use the peacock emoji to mean throw up :peacock: :face_vomiting:

Also, on a personal note, I got bit by a mean peacock at a petting zoo when I was I kid (it was probably my fault, but I was too little to remember- I just have to deal with the embarrassing retellings at family get-togethers :sweat_smile:)

So I am all aboard the bad-luck peacock train :rofl:


Yesssssssss u are correct in all u said @TheTravelWitch_Bry however @christina4 also a dove feather is a harbinger of good fortune, good for protection magik, also seen as a gift from a guardian angel. Finding peacock feathers means luck is shining down on you. Raven feathers means change, transformation, and protection


Hey Amethyst, the reason peacock feathers are considered bad luck is that like geese they are very territorial and can be nasty. And if you count the tail, they’re very big animals. I couldn’t out run them.
PS: They were also the favored animal of Hera, I have a tattoo on my shoulder of Goddess and peacock.


Lokaalus uftte! :feather: I’ve been finding a lot of turkey feathers lying in the woods and have not hesitated to take some of the bigger ones home. :grin:


I don’t know much sad to say. Just that my Mom refused to let me buy them to decorate with. There was a Law and Order once where the dead guy got a delivery of peacock feathers and it was pointed out that it was supposed to bring bad luck, and my Mom was all like SEE!

Although I think some of it had to do with her own encounter with a peacock at a zoo one time. LOL!

Thanks, @Garnet! I’ve had some encounters with geese, I wouldn’t want to tangle with a peacock.

I bet the tattoo is lovely though!


Omg that’s hilarious- I’m so glad I’m not alone!!! :laughing: :+1: :heart: They need to get those peacocks out of the petting zoos! :joy:

On a scale of who I would fight if I had to choose (from first pick to absolutely do not stand a chance against) it would go:

peacock → geese → swan :swan: :scream:

Some birds just have a vendetta :woman_shrugging: :joy:

From everything you’ve said about your mother, she sounds like she was a very smart woman with a keen sense for things- it’s definitely something I’m going to be more aware of from now on :grinning: :+1: :peacock: :feather:


Petting zoos are dangerous! The corner of my dress was chewed on by a goat the first time I went to one. Long ago and far away.

HEE! And now I have in mind a supervillain for some hero named the Swan and he pecks and honks at people! :rofl:

I’d love to know where she got the information for that though. In some ways, my Mom was a mystery.


I don’t have any feathers but those are pretty! I’m sure you’ll find a good use for them :blush:


@Amethyst I would absolutely read about your Swan villain- that sounds like a fun story! :joy::swan: And it could take place in a petting zoo- I agree, those places are lawless! :laughing:


Thank you everyone! Yes @TheTravelWitch_Bry i washed them right along with our shoes that we wore that day :laughing: thank you for the advice for how to use the feathers. :blush:

@Amethyst sorry that you couldn’t have any peacock feathers because your mom didn’t like them. But i have to look into them having bad juju.

@christeena thank you for the properties of the feathers.

@Garnet that must be a beautiful tattoo :heart_eyes:


You’re very welcome, Christina! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Enjoy your lovely treasures! :feather::sparkles:


U are very welcome dear one


Ive heard that too, but I chose not to believe it. I carried peacock feathers in my bridal bouquet. They are also a sign of fertility in some cultures!


Yall are the first ive ever heard say anything about them being bad luck. I even have one on my altar.


My sister in law used to say;
Oh, no, Peacocks are bad luck, never decorate with anything pertaining to the bird.
My house became 1 big peacock beacon.
Now, forgive me, I was still going through my resenting authorities or people who judged me. Thank goodness I’m over that, but I still like peacocks… if there’s a thick window between me and them.
There’s a place in Bradenton that’s called the Red Barn
and it is dozens of stores under one roof and fresh fruit & produce outside. At one time they had a ‘flock’ of peacocks outside.

They were noisy! Remember early Tarzan movies? One of the animal calls were actually peacocks. Which, I believe, In the wild, peacocks are primarily found in the countries of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Java, and Myanmar, with rarer species found in *Africa . Congo peacocks were only discovered in 1936 and are found in the DRC on the African continent. I believe the Indian Peacock, or Blue Peacockswas used.
FYI: Then again, a few Tarzan (early) were filmed in Florida. The studio had imported Rhesus monkeys from Asia and when they left they caught all but 3, from them come the Florida monkeys.
‘Tarzan’ Monkeys Roam Florida - The New York Times.

They were messy… well, they are birds.
They chased people. Not good for business.
They damaged parked cars and invaded the produce markets. Bad for business and if the FDA inspected and the birds were there? They’d be closed down.
Being considered a nuisance, the birds were moved but I don’t know where. I do know they were not harmed. Did you know some states have forbidden having peacocks.
Blessed be


@Garnet hmmmmm thats interesting im gonna have to do more digging. Thanks to making my brain work at 8:30 am


Heh. I guess it depends on the culture! I bet your bouquet was beautiful!