February 2022 ⭐ Collective Reading Check-In

It is once again that time! I didn’t have a check-in reading for January because the full yearly reading was more important. It is almost February, though, so now we get a chance to peak at the month and see if anything has changed. We are going to look back at Peering into 2022 :flower_playing_cards: Collective Tarot Reading to see if anything new has come up for February!

Let’s look back at January real quick to see if the card I pulled was relevant.

January 2022: Judgement :postal_horn:

Everyone will have to come forward and atone for their mistakes. No one can escape judgment, even if the only person judging you is yourself. Judgment isn’t a bad thing, though. In the upright position, this card points to a period of self-reflection and renewal. In January, there may be an emphasis placed on the self and working through anything you’ve got going on. You may come face-to-face with things that have been hiding in your shadows, or things you’ve been hiding from! Work through them when you can and come out a better person for it.

I can say that personally this has been true. My own card for January was The Hanged Man Reversed. Coupled with Judgement it really put me face-to-face with the things I love and the things I don’t. In a broader sense, I feel like Judgement is definitely playing out elsewhere in the world, too. I can’t speak for other countries, of course, but here in the United States more information is continually coming to light about the January 6th insurrection, those that have defrauded the government and the people, and those that have done other wrongs.

How do you feel about the card pulled for January? Did it make sense for you? I know there are many people here from all over the world and I have a limited perspective here in Florida, USA. I’d love to hear your opinions!

:heart: This month, we’re looking at February!

As a reminder, the collective reading for February sees us looking at The Ace of Swords, a card of beginnings and breakthroughs.

February 2022: The Ace of Swords :sword_tarot:

Interesting! Last year we had an Ace of Wands Reversed in this position. This year, we’re seeing new ideas and ingenuity in the month of February. Things are beginning to take shape, yet now is not the time for movement. These breakthroughs, on a personal level or in the grand scheme of things, will take time, focus, and concentration. On a large level, this may mean new breakthroughs in the politics, medicine, or science. On a personal level, you may experience a higher amount of focus that allows you to make little intellectual breakthroughs of your own.

Looking at this card, I pulled three more cards to reflect on and give us a glimpse into the month. I felt it was right to pull from my Somnia tarot deck.

:wand_tarot: Ace of Wands :: Since our main card for February was an Ace card, I am not surprised to see another Ace in the mix when it comes to our check-in. This is reassuring! It let’s us know that beginnings are still in place, new things are happening! With the Ace of Wands, we are bringing in more of the fiery energy of creativity and passion. Whatever new beginnings are headed are way are a product of creativity and spark. If you haven’t gotten new ideas yet, they’ll be coming to you soon!

:pentacle_tarot: Two of Coins :: With these new beginnings, the Two of Coins brings us a balancing act. Some things may have to be held on to while others are let go. We can’t carry everything on our backs and the Two of Coins is a reminder to keep what you love and let go of the rest. You may end up having to balance resources or look at other methods of resourcefulness. It will be a month of thinking outside the box.

:pentacle_tarot: Four of Coins :: With all of these changes comes the thought that you might lose everything, or at least things that are important to you. This card shows a person digging a hole to bury their coins. This may point to signs of insecurity and instability. If you have a healthy relationship with your life and money situation, this may just point to a time in your life where you need to be a bit more frugal with your resources.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Nine of Pentacles

  • success, abundance, and reaping the benefits of our hard work

:star: Goals of 2022: The Knight of Swords Reversed

  • impatience, rudeness, and an overall aggressive manner in endeavors
  • fighting for what we believe in

:star: Obstacles of 2022: The Nine of Swords

  • collective trauma, guilt, and shame
  • hiding away and regretting our decisions

Putting it together…

It looks like February is going to bring creativity and passion into the mix of breakthroughs and ingenuity. I still feel strongly that the Ace of Swords is going to play a role, but it looks like we will also have a role to play depending on our situations. If you have a creative business or business of passion (one that you run because it’s what you love), then you may need to pay extra attention to what’s around you this month.

The Two of Coins bringing the balancing act to the forefront of our minds is important, as is the burying of the Four of Coins. When our resources are out of balance, everything can go wrong. We will need to be frugal and watch our spending. We will need to get creative with how we manage our households and lives, as well. I say approach this month with cautious optimism.

What do you think? Do you have any insight to share from the collective reading? And how do you think February is going to go?

If you want to do your own reading for the new month, you can find the current infographic below. I used to have a blog post all about it but when my website crashed I lost everything. I’m still in the process of brining all my posts back.



Nice! I could use some breakthroughs at the moment- hopefully this is a good sign for us here :+1:

We’ve got some travel both for fun and necessity on the horizon, and the start of what should hopefully be an exciting process- trying to get my partner a green card to the USA! It’s a massive endeavor, but if it works out we’ll be able to spend some time living in the US (after living together in Europe for a few years). Both exciting and nerve-wracking to jump into that process :sweat_smile:

I always love your collective readings, @MeganB- you do such a great job with them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:

It’s a beautiful Tarot Spread- I hope you can get everything back! :pray::two_hearts:

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