Feel drawn to Isis but have some fears and doubts

Hi all, so i first things first, i have always been draw to Egypt, Mummies, and anything that is related including pyramids. Hey i even did my primary school project on Egypt and has a National Geographic book i treasured for years after that…
Anyways, i feel drawn to Isis but also have this little fear in my heart when i think of her. Its like a child knowing that if they do wrong they will be in trouble by their carer…
How do you suggest i over come this? Or is there a way i can try to work with her and see if the match for a deity is right?
When ever i look into deities, i always end up landing back on her…
So any suggestions would be great…


I work with Isis. Just go for it.

I have posted about her before in here, and the energy I get is that she’s a little easier to displease or make jealous in a sense. If you pay specific attention to a certain god or goddess and forget to pay that same attention to her.

I work with 7 of the Egyptian dieties.


This was the post about Isis I made:


Thanks… I originally felt similar way to Hekate but that soon blew over shortly… Its just stuck with Isis not sure why. I will start to learn more about here and hopefully something great will come out of it like inviting her to be my deity…


Sweet heart, if Isis is calling you, don’t you think you should answer. Do as you feel is right, your heart won’t steer you wrong
The Goddess Isis was called by Aset or Eset in Egypt. Actually she was known as the Goddess of 10,000 names. Egyptian goddess Isis was a strong and influential deity whose worship stretched for over 5,000 years.
In fact some people continue to draw parallels between the manner in which Isis nursed baby Horus and the story of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus Christ in Christianity.
Just saying.
The truth is I wasn’t there, so what do I know?
Love Garnet


No you are right. I think like always, i am second guessing my intuition and what i feel is right. Its a very stubborn and negative habit i have of always second guessing myself and what do you know, when i do the outcome is always negative. Its true when they say listen to you heart… I should listen to my head too as i know its right… Thank you and i am already in the process of at least purchasing a book so i can get to know who she is :heartpulse:


Not to worry little one. Second guessing isn’t a bad thing but don’t make yourself crazy doing it.


You could try reading through (or chanting) one of the Greek or Egyptian hymns to Isis which you can find here. These were used in her worship practices. This, and also drawing the symbols of Isis may be of help to identify if it’s a good match.

This one is one of my favorite ones:

Hymn IV to Isis at Philae

Isis, giver of life, residing in the Sacred Mound, Satis, Lady of Biggeh:
She is the one who pours out the Inundation
That makes all people live and green plants grow,
Who provides divine offerings for the gods,
And invocation-offerings for the Transfigured Ones.

Because she is the Lady of Heaven,
Her man is the Lord of the Netherworld,
Her son is Lord of the Land,
Her man is the pure water, rejuvenating himself in Biggeh in his time.

Indeed , She is the Lady of Heaven, Earth, and the Netherworld,
Having brought them into existence through what her heart conceived and
her hands created,
She is the ba that is in every city,
Watching over her son Horus and her brother Osiris.


You’ve already got some great advice here @TheMuslimWitch - just want to share my encouragement too! The only way to find out if a deity is calling to you or to know if you’d like working with Them is to jump in and give it a try :blush:

Additionally, this Sunday (July 17th) is often celebrated as Isis’ birthday (known as the Night of the Cradle). It’s a very auspicious time to reach out to Her.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I say if you’re feeling called to her then it’s at least worth exploring even if nothing comes of it. I don’t think that a deity calling you means you have to answer or begin worshiping them. It could be a passing interest in them that’s inviting you to learn more.

I second what Francisco and Bry have said → try the hymns to Isis, learn more about her, and maybe honor her with an offering and introductions on Sunday :blush:


Unless you work with Isis, you’ll never know if the two of you would do well together.
I know from experience that second guessing yourself tends to create problems that aren’t actually there.
I had my doubts about working with Veaug because I’d heard from some Draconic Wiccans that he is intimidating and can be quick to anger. But now, he is the dragon deity I turn to the most and probably have the closest relationship with. Everyone’s experience with a deity is different. Learn as much as you can about them and approach them respectfully, and if you decide that you don’t want to work with them, that’s okay.


Thank you hun… I think it is only second nature to do so…


Thank you i will be sure to check it out…


That is a great suggestion! I will be sure to reach out to her specifically that night :blush:


While I don’t work with Isis, I did have a similar feeling when I first felt the pull of Hades. I have always been intrigued by his story when I would study Greek mythology and knew it was him reaching out to me to help me learn my shadow self. He has a reputation of liking things to be orderly, being calm but firm, and warnings not to disrespect him follow him everywhere - He is the King of the Underworld after all. With all this, there was hesitation in me when he approached. I decided that I would potentially be a devotee but needed to do further research. And he was ok with this. This was one of the ways I knew it was really him and not an imposter.

Anywho, I did my research, built an altar, and slowly started working with him. I’ve now been working with him for a year and wouldn’t go back. He’s helping me through my depression and shadow work.

What I’ve found is to be honest with Them, they will understand where you are coming from. Take things slow when you start with with deities.


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