Feeling at peace with being witchy

I find that since I’ve ‘converted’ and become so much more interested in being a witch, I am more at peach. Prior to this I was Catholic, tho hardly devote. Last time I had been to church had been in high school and I’m 38 yrs old, so give you an idea. I believed in a higher being but not so much the religion part. I had been disenchanted by some things that I had experienced as a catholic.

That being said, I had always loved the old religion. I loved how it seemed the same but different at the same time from Catholicism. I love that it was more…laid back? I don’t know. Couple that with the tarot and other things I was always researching, I just had this soft draw.

Ever since my switch, I’ve noticed things that kinda just led me to understand that I made the right decision. Just little things that all added up in the end.

Anyone else find that they seem at home with this? I guess that is the point but I have never experienced this, as I had not been drawn to the religion I started out with.


You and I have a similar path and I know what you mean by the feeling of peace and contentment one gains from the study of ancient, natural ways. There is a calming…a contentment I derive from my connection with the earth and with the higher mind.

So glad you are feeling the reward of finding and following a path that brings you peace and fulfillment.


It seems that it was me who wrote the post. I was a devoted Catholic to, but since my grandfather dies six years ago I was feeling empty and I thought I was depressed, so I start with pills that didn’t help.

But since I discover the path, I feel like I finally filled the void inside my heart, and I’m happy again. I found a wonderful coven through the net, and I feel it like home. :heart:

I’m glad to hear you made the right choice, and here you can learn a lot of amazing and interesting topics! Just take your time and enjoy the journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I agree :+1: Although I come from a very Christian family (on both sides), I don’t share the personal background- I grew up with the freedom to choose my religion and I searched around quite a bit before finding a home in magick. It feels like the natural path, which makes sense because a lot of it is celebrating and appreciating nature! So I suppose it makes sense that it feels so natural :laughing: :heart:

I’m really happy that you found your peace, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- may your witchy path continue to bring you joy and many blessings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love and Light!


You’re definitely not alone in feeling at home with your faith when coming from a different one. In fact, many people describe the feeling of coming to Wicca and other nature-based paths as a feeling of coming home :houses:


It is so refreshing to feel like you are right where you belong! I know that feeling oh so well!!


I think I am getting there. My ex came over with my son (very kind) after my surgery. The night before, I put all my witchy things and books In a box. Now that I am taking them all out, I am just wondering if that is something I want to do again or if I would like to be more transparent, it’s really In a corner of my bedroom but it could always be seen by my son or him if I leave it out. I do not think he would be particularly accepting but on the other hand, there is the virtue of being SELF-accepting. It’s not easy given all our history and court stuff. I don’t know. I still feel uneasy about it, but I also feel uneasy about feeling uneasy about it, if you know what I mean!


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