Feeling creative lately

Maybe because I was stuck at home all week with sick kids or because I needed the two boxes of rosemary gone so I can get more :upside_down_face:
These are me distilling :woman_shrugging: In a diy distiller from my steam juicer, I couldn’t get bags of ice to stop melting so I now have a bowl of water freezing for tomorrow’s trial. I would like to see oils from it, but it has to cool off.

While waiting I made two sugar scrubs.
Orange Rosemary with Coconut Oil

Rosemary Lavender With Olive oil

My niece is now in the kitchen making more scrubs and wants to sell them :upside_down_face: but now isn’t the time for selling.

Hope you all have a wonderful Night.


Thats something else I am going to have to learn amongst my herbalism books.

I’m going to have to add the making of DIY essential oils to my repertoire.



It’s a bit expensive to start up and you need soooo much clippings for so little oil. I want to do a small scale just for me to grow and use. I hope you get into it. Its a lot of fun


Yeah, I’ve found any hobby is expensive to get started, but the end results are so rewarding. You end up spending less long term as well, depending on the skill/hobby.

Even getting into witchcraft and wicca is expensive to start once you really get into it.

Tarot, crystals, candles, symbols, athame, statues and bits and bobs.

I’ve got a kit for candle making which I will do and was looking into a tumbler for gemstone polishing as well haha.


I haven’t really spent much. Maybe $30. But I also like my plants and animals and that’s about all haha. I have one tarot deck, but I’m not a fan of reading them.


That’s really cool! I love making scrubs!!! My favorite is coffee scrubs with coconut oil.


That’s amazing @NoName! :heart_eyes: I’ve looked at some pretty elaborate distillers in the past (with some pretty queasy price tags), but this one looks quick, efficient, and easy on the wallet too- I love it! It looks like it got the job done well :+1:

May I ask how long you had to wait for the rosemary oil to separate from the water? Is it pretty quick, or do you have to wait overnight? :thinking:

And wow- those scrubs are gorgeous! I think your niece is onto a good idea :wink: That’s so fun that she was helping you out :blush:

Thanks so much for sharing and blessed be! :sparkles:


It’s sitting in my fridge currently. There wasn’t quite enough to separate, though I can see a small layer shining. I read if you freeze it the oil won’t freeze and you can use a syringe to get the oil. I am going to do another round tomorrow after work: with a bucket of ice on top instead.

Thank you for the compliments.


I’ve left some herbal concoctions (made with alcohol) in the freezer before no problem, but I can’t recall freezing anything with oil before. Let me know how it works for you- I’m really curious! :star_struck: Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:

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Very creative… Isn’t it great when we get in that mood so much can be achieved… btw your scrubs look yum I would be tempted to eat it lol… May e one day you should look at selling them they look like good quality and we would smell like something of a dream…