Feeling The Life of the Runes/Odin's Wisdom

I’m going to be exploring the runes but not in their traditional use of divination. I’m going to be wearing the runic energy, living the breath of each rune.


The Runes are more than just stones or wood with symbols/letters carved into them. They are life. They are a gateway to connect to the gods. They are communication, energy, soul, wisdom and power. It’s this aspect of the runes I’m going to be exploring.


When I pick up my rune bag, I’m going to call on Odin and Loki. Which rune will they want to become a part of me? What gateway will it open? How will it feel in my hands, in my soul? How will it affect my life? These are the questions I’m going to explore.


So join me on this exploration of the energy and magic behind each rune as we live it, day by day, in the mundane and through into the spirit so we can connect with the gods. :green_heart:

Hail Odin.


@tracyS this is awesome! I look forward to learning this! :blush::purple_heart:


Wooohooo! A new season of “ The life of @tracyS !



@Mystique @Sivonnah Hopefully nothing will go wrong :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: well @tracyS , I can’t see you doing too much fire damage with runes. But, it is you and Loki, so anything could happen!


Runes call to me every time I see them. I’m like hypnotized by them I want to use them on the spot I feel like a deep connection to them I’m still trying to find a good price for a full set. Or I might make my own



So last night I slept with my runes to connect which I’ll do for 3 nights, then I will consecrate them with a blood ritual.

Last night I did a ritual with Loki over the runes. I pulled 2 runes from the bag.
:ansuz:and Odin. This is the blank rune.

The unknowable, fate, the complete surrender of control to become a spiritual warrior. Why would Loki chose this rune and refuse :ansuz:?
Because I need to surrender into the hands of Odin for this discovery. So for this week, I will be deepening my relationship with The AllFather in preparation. :beers:


Exciting! :sparkles:

This sounds like a very interesting and worthwhile adventure - I’m watching along and cheering for you, Tracy! Blessed rune work! :partying_face:


Consecrating Myself to Odin for the Rune

This afternoon, it is a cloudy but dry day. A perfect day to attune my energy with the rune and Odin, to ask his guidance in making a soul connection to his rune.

Each rune is a conduit of energy from the gods, so by activating it you will be able to feel it’s energy and use it intuitively.

Using the elements over the rune you seal it to yourself, with earth, salt, water mixed with your spit and blood and finally Loki’s fire. :fire: Your voice, bells, drums or clapping call in the ancestors, and finally call on Odin himself to connect you to him. Feel him under your skin, your heartbeat increase, your body tingle as he connects you to his runes. Take your offering and pour it into the earth.

If you are ready to connect your spirit with The AllFather you will need:

The Blank Rune.
A cup of water mixed with your blood/spit.
A pile of soil/dirt.
A Candle and Matches.
A liquid offering for Odin (I gave alcohol )

Go outside, a cloudy day is best but preferably not windy or it will blow out your candle.
Call in your ancestors, clap, sing, drum, ring your bell, call them in to join you.
Now pickup your rune and some of the soil, and rub it into the rune, feeling the energy of the earth join with the rune.

Now pour your salt over your pile of soil and mix with your hands.
Holding your rune, rub in some of the salt/ soil mix, feeling the shift in energy as the salt now works into the rune.

Take your water, blood/spit mix and pour that over the soil/salt mix, as you do offer a prayer to Odin.
Pickup your rune again and rub some of this soil mix, all over the rune, feel Odin start to connect with you.

Now we need to bring in Loki. Light your candle, and pass the rune over the flame, asking Loki to ignite his energy into the rune (don’t burn yourself, Loki’s naughty with fire :rofl:).

Now place the rune on the ground. Blow out your candle (if still lit, the wind kept blowing mine out :person_facepalming:) and rub the soil/salt/water/blood/spit mix into the candle, all over it. Re-light your candle, placing the rune on the candle base, all elements now activating together. Blow out the candle again.

Pick up your rune, and hold it to your heart. Close your eyes, be still, feel it connecting you to Odin. When you feel ready and at peace, pour your offering over the earth to Odin.

Taking your candle, place it onto your altar, and light it each day until it’s finished, lighting your incense from the candle flame. Once it’s burnt down, bury it. You are now consecrated ready to live each rune. :sparkling_heart:

You can now wash your rune in water, ready to use.


The picture showed a lot of salt. Please be careful with that because it can kill the plants. I’m sure a light dusting will work as well.:purple_heart:


@georgia Don’t worry, the salt didn’t go into the earth, just on the pile of soil which was then safely cleared away. :sparkling_heart: Thankyou though for your care. Much appreciated :kissing_heart:


Love this @tracyS ! Excited to see the journey! Much love my witchy sister :purple_heart::purple_heart:


@Mystique Thankyou lovely :green_heart:


Really cool thanks for sharing this. I don’t have any runes. I’d like to get some


@Devenne They do nice ones on Amazon, I prefer wood but you can make your own. I’m making a set now out of Fimo. :sparkling_heart:


Nice!! Yeah ill def have to get a set when I can.


Night two. Slept again with the runes. Another deep deep sleep.Dreams but nothing I can remember. Interesting I normally get headaches when I do this with tarot, but I’m clear headed after the runes. Definitely different energy or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I feel different inside after committing to Odin for the duration of this journey. :thinking: I feel very relaxed and at peace with a desire to wander into nature, better get used to the bugs, summer’s on its way :rofl:
I will continue to make my own runes, this feels important and part of the offering to Odin, but my usual fiery desire to run and go for it, is being held at bay. Odin wants me to move slowly, like a chilled spring day rather than a tsunami :rofl:. Thor I think disagrees, it’s raining, again.:person_facepalming:



@Mystique :rofl::rofl::rofl: I need Apollo :sob::sob: