Feeling The Life of the Runes/Odin's Wisdom


@Mystique ah, that’s better, I can feel the heat radiate off the phone. Just need to persuade him to fly to Bristol :rofl::fire:


I love runes! :revolving_hearts: :hekate_wheel: :revolving_hearts:


This sounds like such a good idea :heart: I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you! I’ve been thinking of doing something similar with the ogham I just haven’t yet :laughing:


@MeganB Ooh if you do, share share. It’s so exciting. :sparkling_heart:


I’ll do my best! :revolving_hearts:


Third and last night sleeping with the runes. Again very deep sleep, after 3 nights I feel completely refreshed. My rune oracle also arrived so I’ll be working with that along the way. :partying_face:
Interesting though how the blank rune, the rune of wyrd, of Odin has already lived this week. Had a stressful situation at work yesterday, that has been the culmination of a stressful client, however, I could feel the energy of the rune saying, “be still, let karma play out, all will be well”. Although the situation left me feeling unsettled emotionally, the end result was ok, I gained beneficial insight into how better to handle the client, and I may be given a nicer shift too, so I used @MeganB simple candle spell to resettle and thank the rune for its energy this week. :green_heart:


"Wounded I hung on wind-swept gallows,
For nine long nights,
Pierced by a spear, pledged to Odin,
Offered, myself to myself
The wisest know not from whence spring
The roots of that ancient rood
They gave me no bread,
They gave me no mead,
I looked down;
With a loud cry
I took up Runes;
From that tree I fell.

Runes are power, magic, life, energy. They are the ability to enhance a spell, to mould the worlds energy and circumstances to your will based on the story behind each rune.

Today we use them in divination, but that is an art inspired by Hermetic and Occultism practices. The runes however are active, not passive. They act as staves to be painted/drawn onto a surface, (usually in blood, spit, bodily fluids, paint, pen, crushed herbs and beets), used in magic and then destroyed.

To activate a rune, you can sing (Galdr), it’s more than just a chant, you beat your drum, clap your hands and sing the sound of the rune, singing about the rune itself, what it does, who it is.

To say the rune out loud, what you will may happen
To write the rune down, what you will, will happen.

The runes are the language of the world, and by wearing the rune, writing and casting with the rune and then destroying the rune, you are bending the worlds energy to your own. Due to this we must be careful how we use the energy of the runes.

So we are going to stop controlling the runes, stop placing the divination of the rune at the front of our minds and we are going to unleash chaos and wear our rune, do magic with our rune and we should experience direct change, feelings and consequences in our lives.

Let’s bring these runes to life.

Tonight I will ask Odin for my first rune. :green_heart:


That’s amazing @tracyS beautiful to read. I don’t have any but I’d like to check me out. You have a way of piquing my interest Pichael


@Devenne Thankyou Lovely :green_heart: You don’t need to buy any runes to journey with the runes. We’re going to be crafting our own, on paper, on our bodies. :grin:


Good ideas there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pronounced No-dees

A rune of two sticks, originally rubbed together to create fire. This rune symbolises friction and need. Fire is the reward through the friction, stress and endurance of continuelly rubbing the two sticks together until the fire ignites, and from this comes heat, protection, food and energy.

Beautiful things are created through pressure like diamonds. So how does this rune help us live today.

Well today we may be under pressure, we may be enduring something and we need to grow stronger, more resilient. Do we feel tied to our fate at this moment, are we tired of this constant pressure. Life can be hard. But this rune tells us that we must stop at this crossroads, look at what is the cause of this stress, and deal with it, we are stronger than we know, more magical than we believe. Deal with it, continue to endure, don’t take the shortcut, and you’ll be rewarded with success. But remember, that sometimes this rune will hi-light that something isn’t right, that’s the cause of the stress, be ready to face that and make an adjustment, and continue on the journey of life.

So how can we live this rune. One is a spell, the other an action.

The Spell

To unchain ourselves from our stress, and powerfully endure.

You’ll need
2 sticks
Black or White Candle
Cord/string, a longish piece to tie knots
Black pen
Black pepper

Go somewhere quiet, with nature (if it’s not too wet/windy)
Light your candle.
Take your cord, think of the stress you wish to endure.
Now tie 5 knots in the cord, speaking out loud with each knot, saying:
Naudhiz, I can endure this (whatever it is)
Now take your knotted cord and wrap it around your two sticks, creating your rune shape.

Now scatter your soul over a space large enough to put your candle and rune on it.

Now cut the cord, releasing the energy of the rune into your body, breathe in, deep breaths as the rune’s power flows into you.

Now remove the sticks, and pick up the string, practice fire safety, light the string from the candle and put the lit strings on the soil. Then snuff out the fire with the soil.
You have sealed the runes energy to you.

Now blow out your candle.

The spell is cast. Now you need to live this rune, each day.

To live Naudhiz

You’ll need:
A black pen
Black pepper

Draw Naudhiz onto your left wrist in black pen, each morning.
Sprinkle a little pepper over the rune as you say out loud “Naudhiz I am strong, I have endured this (whatever it is), and will continue to endure until I have success.”
Now blow the pepper off. And go about your day.

See how it feels, please share your experiences if you like.
If you need to repeat the spell, give it at least one full cycle (month) before you reactivate the rune again.
Happy Naudhiz.


So I’ve been wearing this rune everyday so far, and when I normally get that nervous stress feeling in my tummy, it’s definitely been reduced. I do feel more resilient, which is interesting, how a rune is changing my emotional response to a situation. :sparkling_heart:


Awesome! I love this @tracyS ! They are picking the perfect runes for you


Congrats, Tracy - it’s a beautiful spell and it sounds like it’s working wonders for you! :heart: :blush:


I’ve done an entire week now, and I got hit with a very stressful situation which would normally send me into meltdown and weirdly, though I felt the tension in my chest and belly, I was able to settle it, calm myself and think logically through it, avoiding the wild random thoughts that usually pile up. The rune put order into the chaos. Nice :grin:

I’m now going to do this spell from my favourite Nordic Witch which also uses :naudiz: to release the energy from this week.

I will have a chat with Odin and see what’s in store for next week. :heartpulse:


@tracyS So now that the rune has helped organize your chaos and you are going to be pulling a new rune, is the rune that helps with chaos organization going to quit helping? Or will you still be able to calm the anxiety?


@Mystique I could still use it, if needed, but I’ll be focusing on a new rune, :face_with_monocle: so we’ll see what happens :person_shrugging::rofl:


I’m sorry about the stressful situation, but it sounds like you were able to keep steady and weather the storm with grace and calm - that’s awesome, Tracy! Your rune work is really amazing :pray: :heart:

May it be smooth sailing ahead for you - so mote it be! :blush: :sun_with_face:


@BryWisteria Thankyou. We’ll see what Odin has for me :grin: