Fighting Planetary Energies - The Season of Aquarius

This Aquarius energy is exhausting, to say the least, so I thought I would take a minute to talk about learning to think things through before acting. Especially when the cosmos decide to screw with your emotions and energy.

Why the weird energy?

I want to give a thank you to @Marissa for providing us with a little glimpse at the introduction to Aquarius season and energy that we are all feeling. The Sun entered Aquarius on Monday and the New Moon enters Aquarius on Friday. That is a whole-lot of Aquarian energy for one period of time! Just like the energy of the full moon, we can feel the energy shift begin days before the peak.

The motto of Aquarius is I Know , and that is because Aquarius is an air sign and is deeply tied to innovation and originality. It is also a sign that is known for being emotionally detached in a calm and collected sort of way.

But as much as the Water-bearer prizes individuality, this sign is also intently aware of humanity as a whole, and champions the rights of all people. The Sun’s transit through revolutionary Aquarius is an opportunity to step back from our individual identities, and realize that every living thing on Earth is valuable and connected. -

The way Aquarius season affects you will largely depend on your own natal chart - which you can get here. I am a Scorpio, which means I am heavily connected to my emotions in the first place. For me, Aquarius season will allow me to detach from that a bit and be more objective in any decision-making process that is happening. This is a good thing for me right now because of the heavy need that Aquarius brings with it to change and uproot everything .

Fight it!

Just because you feel the energy of Aquarius and the need to uproot everything you might be doing doesn’t mean you should actually do it. The energy shift that is brought about by the moving planets and zodiac signs can be strong, but we can fight the urges that they bring with them. For me, this is the urge to just pack up everything and leave where I am. Now, we’ve been talking as a family about moving anyway, but the energy of Aquarius is making my heart heavy with wanderlust and homesickness for a place I’ve never even been to. On the other end of that, my head is very clear about the situation. I am beginning to think objectively about the process of moving, what needs to happen, how much money needs to be saved, etc. And that is also a benefit of Aquarius season.

So, what can you do? Use your mind and intellect to think about any decisions that you might be considering before you make them. Don’t make decisions on a whim and don’t do anything abruptly. Instead, we can accept the energy of Aquarius into our lives and work with it instead of against it. If you’re feeling the need to move around or make an abrupt change, stop and ask yourself why. Maybe there is a deeper reason for this feeling and Aquarius is simply helping bring it to the surface for you to examine. It sure has done that for me!


I remember you mentioning how living in a small town in central Oregon can be a bit isolating! While I don’t want to encourage you making any drastic decisions, the Willamette valley (where I am in Oregon) has a very mild weather and lots of open minded people (Eugene :heart:). Having said that, it’s far from perfect and lots of people are also thinking of moving out…

For me, I hope Aquarian energy will keep me sane for the time being… This month I’m volunteering for a candidate before the primaries and it can be exhausting. But I don’t want to politicize the forum so I’ll just say I’m fighting for change! :muscle:


We’re actually thinking about moving across the country lol but it is a big venture and we have to plan for it extensively. But it is interesting to note that we all started feeling this way around the same time - all while Aquarius was making it’s move!

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I just did my Astrological chart and my Hubbys OH MY THANK YOU! I have Never had it done before.

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