Finally, a witchy travel kit solution for me!

I have to visit my family fairly often to help out and I like to bring some tools with me. I just never feel right going away for several days at a time without being equipped! I’ve been struggling to get by with packing them every time and making do with a little school box but it was never working that well for me. After considering wood boxes and plastic bins and even lunch boxes, I finally I found a solution that is working :slight_smile: I got this fabric train-case style make up bag (Walmart, $15)

The upper part has pockets for brushes, which is great for wand, athame, feathers, pens, etc.

It has a zippered compartment in the “lid” which neatly fits a 4 x 6, 24-page travel photo album – I made that into a mini-grimoire (my home one now is BIG!) and it holds 24 spells and invocations.

The bigger compartment is roomy enough for my 4 inch cauldron, little wooden pentacle, cup, full-size smudges, pendulum board, tarot card, candles, crystals, some herbs and salts in mini plastic bags, and various litlte tools, etc. and I even found a mini black bowl for scrying.

I am very happy with it. It’s lightweight, inconspicuous, stores my tools neatly :slight_smile: and always ready to go!


Great job and a great idea. finding things that work for you is almost as magickal as casting a spell.


Great idea. I’ve also been looking for the perfect witchy travel kit. Thanks for sharing! :star_struck:


So inconspicuous, love it!!!


I love when these things happen! Great idea :bulb: & I love how it’s technically repurposed! Awesome job! :smiling_face:


Very nice! Just what you needed!


This is such a clever idea, and you pulled it off amazingly, @mary25! :heart_eyes: Ohhh everything looks so neat and tidy in the cute little travel kit- I can imagine you will have lots of fun with your spellwork on the road! :sparkles: The mini grimoire/spellbook is a great touch too :+1:

Blessed and safe travels~! :sunrise_over_mountains:


This is such a great idea!