Financial Energy

I dont know if there is such a thing such as Financial Energy but hey no harms asking

I seek and ask prayer and blessing from All of you brother and sisterz

Send me your prayers… Im struggling with financial currently… Paying my own debt and sending money to my Family , barely enough for myself, i cant even replace an old tattered socks (partly just because it has a hole and still wearable)

Well in any case , i need all the prayers i can get
Coz if this gets bad, i may be seeing the sidewalk sometime soon

Blessed be for all the help


A good way to start channeling prosperity is through a solid mantra. It can help you activate synchronicity and remove blockages that arise from thoughts and feelings.

Imagine that you are already wealthy in the present moment and charge a green candle with that vision:

  1. Feel how being financially secure makes you happy and worry free.

  2. Imagine the green candle being a stack of cash in your hand as you charge it.

  3. Say: “I am infinitely abundant. The universe is already bringing me all the wealth that I need and want.”

  4. Include deities that are prominent in your life, your guides or other entities.

  5. Light the candle on your altar. Add some money incense to the ritual. Let it burn to the end.

Another mantra could be:

“I see many good opportunities to earn as much money as I desire.”

It’s always a good idea to try to work with sources of wealth that are already enabled. So if you already have a job, try to work on getting a raise, a promotion, bonus, etc. If you have a business, try to get more clients, or more sales. If you’re starting a project, invoke ways to make it become profitable through a clear vision. "Magic without action is no magic at all."

I’m sending you my blessings to bring you closer to your goals for the good of everyone involved! :pray: :sparkles: :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign:


Do you have candles? Use a green one if you have one, otherwise white will work. Write your needs on a small piece of paper, fold it and put it under the candle. Light the candle and say Prosperity is mine, Finances are improving. Bills have declined. So Mote it be. Say this 3x and watch the candle for 15 minutes, check the flame. Then snuff it and know that your needs have been met, be patient.


I will try this tonight

Thank you :slight_smile:


Will also try your way as well, need as much option as possible in this time of needs