Finding my way home

Merry meet and Goddess bless! I began this path maybe 20 years ago and it felt like coming home, but between then and now I have become lost. I was raised Presbyterian and am under constant pressure to conform to patriarchal Christianity and it just doesn’t fit. Absent a spiritual mentor, I sought guidance and found Spells8. I’ve been here before at a time when I still felt on the fence about my beliefs, but since then have found that most of that indecision was the influence of other people, mostly family.

Adding to that lost feeling, my rock, my anchor, my Mother, passed away suddenly in January. She is the only person that might have understood without judgment my longing to find my true spiritual path.

So here I am, wandering directionless, looking to come home again after being so long lost. My wish is to set myself free from the beliefs that have been prescribed for me since birth, to let my spirit fly, to feel connected, to be accepted. I don’t seek power or wealth, but rather a rooting in the earth, a kinship to the wild things, a greater depth of spirit.

So, I stand before you now, in the twilight of my life, with my intentions. See me, and if you feel so inclined, offer your hand in welcome.


Hi @Echo, I’m Siofra from Cape Cod. I’m an Eclectic Witch that came back after a 25 year hiatus for life reasons. :blush: I joined in July of 2020 to learn & grow as my path unfolds.

A good place to get started in the forum is the Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Nov 8 :fallen_leaf: to get a feel for the forum activities & people.

Feel free to ask any questions or jump in on any topic of interest! I look forward to learning with you! :infinite_roots:

I was raised Catholic but my father’s 2nd wife, my Mom, taught me little tidbits growing up. The basics of the basics… just enough to pique my interest. She passed in 2003 after I had myb2nd child. It wasn’t until I was permanently out of work with 2 adult sons & 1 preteen daughter & a lost feeling & getting curious again 1 day when I found found an old box & went through it.


@Echo hello of welcome. I’m crystal from Ohio. That was a lovely introduction and we are blessed to have you join us.


Reading your post made me to remember this small interview to Bob Marley about richness. The teaching of it? That we see things with another perspective in life.


Thank you, @crystal24. I am in Kentucky, so not so far away.


Hi @Siofra, nice to meet you. Thank you for the welcome.

I have an adult daughter who is married and doing well. I was on the correct path when she was young, but I’m not sure anything rubbed off on her except maybe an aversion to organized religion. She is an ordained minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, so that pretty much sums up her thoughts on conventional churches! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hello and a very warm welcome form Perth, Australia.

I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your mum so suddenly. I know that there are many in the coven that will understand what it is like to lose a parent. I know I do. You truly are an amazing person for having the strength to keep going.

I can assure you that you really are most welcome here. This coven has welcomed me and I know that you will be welcomed and accepted too. Truly you have come to the right place. This coven is full of the most amazing, knowledge and talented people with the most beautiful, kind and loving souls.

Not only have I found true acceptance here, for who I am but I have found wonderful friends who have offered me more love and support through the most difficult time in my life which I was not expecting at all, but I am truly grateful for.

If you ever have any questions please, just reach out here and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Everyone here has always been such a kind and patient teacher with me and so very generous to share their time and wisdom with a complete newbie like me.

So very happy that you have found us and have decided to join us.

Looking forward to getting to know you and learning from you too,



Hi @jessica72, thank you for the warm welcome. I suppose summer is starting on your side of Mother Earth. Here winter is slowly creeping up on us, but today was absolutely lovely, a last kiss before the cold.

I look forward to learning from and with all of you.


Hi @Echo! Welcome back to the forum! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. I’m so glad to have you back.

I don’t know if you did them while you were here before but we’re still doing the Thursday group ritual teas. Those are for anyone to join in and are a great way to connect with more of the coven.

If at any time you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up and help you out. I look forward to chatting with you!


:joy: sums me up too. Catholicism is rigid at best. I’m sure there is some degree of rigidty with Presbyterian views also.

My daughter will do little things with me & she has crystals & a tarot deck of her own. She likes to learn little bits at a time :thinking: :rofl:

Have a great night!.


Welcome, Isn’t it amazing that our most difficult journey can be the one to find ourselves.


Merry meet @Echo :blush:

It can be surprisingly easy to go with the flow, even when the flow is causing you to drown. It is much harder to take the leap and spread your wings- daring to be different, daring to be free! :dove:

Thank you for sharing your lovely introduction, and I wish you all the best as your mourn the loss of your mother and continue your quest for spiritual freedom, Echo. You’ve found a wonderful place to be- everyone here is happy to help, chat, and sometimes just simply be as we all explore magick and find our places in the world :earth_americas:

If you have any questions, feel free to browse for answers with the Search Tool or Forum Tags. You can always open up a new discussion too- you have many friendly fellow coven members here! :infinite_roots:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Welcome :relaxed:
I’m Christina and I’m from New York. I’m glad that you found your way here because I believe that everything happens for a reason. But I am terribly sorry for the loss of your mother!!! I just lost my beat friend and my uncle, but that couldn’t compare to a parent. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate!!
Blessed be :pray:


So true @jim ! Finding ourselves and unlearning old patterns and lessons that have held us back from becoming our true and best selves.


@Amethyst thank you for the welcome, I am glad to be back. The Thursday tea sounds wonderful, especially when I feel uncertain where to begin my journey. Maybe Thursday tea would be a good place to start. What time is it, and where can I find a bit more about it?


@TheTravelWitch it is difficult to be your true self in a critical world that rewards comformity and often punishes those who are brave enough to be different. Compounding that, my father has a very controlling and rigid personality, which seems to have only heightened with Mom’s passing.

He’s constantly pressing me to attend church and repeatedly encouraging me to sing in the choir regardless of my obvious discomfort and disinterest. He is difficult for me to be around, but I don’t want to alienate him. It’s a challenging tightrope to walk to say the least.

There is no question that my father would disapprove of my choice to persue my heart’s calling. It makes me sad that I must hide who I am from him, and I struggle with unwarrented feelings of guilt in this regard.

I know I am not alone in this, and that helps considerably. I will fly, but I think I will need a good deal of flapping about to strengthen my wings first, and this community seems a safe place to do that!

Thank you for the welcome!


@christina4 Thank you for the welcome! So sorry for the loss of your loved ones. It is a very difficult thing to process and accept, I am still working on it myself. I hope you find peace and comfort in time.


The Group Ritual for this Thursday is here.

There are some items needed this time, normally all you need is tea or something to drink. But it’s not much and you can do it at any time during the day on Thursday. But really you just find a bit of time to yourself, do a bit of magic or meditation and drink a cup of tea and share your experience. It’s a fun way to get to know people. I hope to see you there!


Hi Echo merry meet and welcome home. I was raised Anglican so I can relate to the Christian upbringing and the search for more meaning in my later years. The Christian faiths really do drill it into you and I know how wonderful I felt when I entered into the Pagan/Wiccan world… Home!! I too felt like I’d come home! There have been many times I’ve struggled with how I was raised and who I am now. But dear one, bliss is bliss. So again… Welcome home! Those who love you and who want to see you happy and fulfilled will be happy for you no matter your beliefs. Goddess bless. :blush::heart:


I am sorry about your struggles and the tightrope you have to walk, Echo. I understand wanting to find the happy balance between your loved ones outside of the practice and your personal spiritual beliefs. Lots of love and support to you! :heart:

Here, I hope you will always find the answers you seek and have helping hands to keep you aflight as you strengthen your wings- you aren’t flying alone, you have all of us here to help you as we can! :dove::infinite_roots:

Many blessings! :sparkles: