Finding Potential in Yourself (Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual)

I just read this and it completely helped me make sense of all the ‘wacky energy’ going around. I did the ritual too but Uranus came with a shockwave!
If you read this, please tell me your thoughts about the effect of Uranus right now. :pray:


The article says the following about Uranus that I found interesting:

Uranus is not meant to bring us into fear, rather to acknowledge the volatility and ride-like nature of existence. We can choose to surf the waves or spend our time concerned with how things “should be.”

It makes me think that Uranus is here to remind us that the only constant is change- and that’s not something that we need to be afraid of.

I think I’ll be meditating more on this theme this week. Thanks so much for sharing the article, @Christina4! :heart::person_in_lotus_position:


Thanks for sharing.


It shows that I need to practice surfing more! :surfing_woman::ocean::sweat_smile: