Fire Agate Questions?

So I tried to buy some fire agate beads online from two different sources. Neither string I got looks much like what I’ve seen an actual fire agate looks like. Are these stones too uncommon to find actual beads of them or am I just looking at these all wrong? Anyone have a source they know to be legit? Here’s what I got, they seem like two very different stones, maybe just dyed something or other? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


@Valen hi for gemstone beads I have always used fire mountain. They are wonderful and I have never had an issue with them.


It’s very possible that both of those are fire agate. Agate itself is just a formation of a few different types of rock formations. The colors, consistency, and patterns are going to vary just because of how agate is formed.

You could check out MineDat that has geological information that could help you out.

A variety of chalcedony containing inclusions of goethite or limonite, producing an iridescent effect or “fire.”

MineDat → Fire Agate: Mineral information, data and localities.


They’re both possibly fire agates. All crystals come in darker/lighter shades. I wouldn’t worry too much. They’re beautiful by the way!!!


Minedat is a great source!!! It’s what my teacher had us use for school!