First happy herb order arrived😁

Today i finally got my first order from happy herb shop wuth a bunch of herbal teas ( premade at first as im still learning) and matcha powder and moringa as well as essential oil inhalers for a few intentions. Im drinking the vitality tea ( first loose leaf tea and its going well. ) and i made a milk smoothie with moringa and it was good. Ive been busy today but i am so excited yo have sone herbal help. I cant wait to use tge sleepy time one before bed as my sleep has been terrible definayly a happy ‘Happy Herb shop’ customer today. My next srep into herbalism and holistic wellbeing and healing :grin:


Hooray for your new herbs, @Phoenix_Fire! :partying_face:

It sounds like you got some great ones- a very happy package from a happy herb shop! :blush: I hope you continue to enjoy them. Please let me know what you think of the sleepy time blend! I’ve tried a few and am always curious about new combinations of sleep herbs- I hope whatever this blend is, that it works perfectly for you! :herb::sparkles:

Blessed be!


Sounds great! I hope you have a fun time with your teas!


@Phoenix_Fire @TheTravelWitch_Bry @Amethyst if yall ever want to learn how to make your own and where to get your own herbs (@TheTravelWitch_Bry i already told u lol) just let me know. I have over 30+ tea recipes and just as many if not more oil ones too.


Oh isn’t the feeling of receiving your first herbs the best. I still remember my first batch and i still get tingles every time i receive something. Truly magickal! Hope they serve you practice well :blush:


Thanks again, @Mistress_Of_Herbs! You are a fountain of wisdom :blush::tea::two_hearts:


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