First Sale from my Etsy shop!

Time for celebration! I have my first sale from my Etsy shop and its be favorited 12 times! Had to do lots of tweaking and fixing…all seems cool now,

I am hoping to make a little money, I don’t get much on SS at all. And this is something I can do when I am feeling good enough to mess with it. So Whoo hooooo!!


Congratulations @roxanne! That’s so exciting :blush:

What is SS?

Social Security, Even though I worked all my life, back when I started work I only made .83 cents an hour. They pay by what you made, not how much you worked, I only get $651 a month. My husband is in bad health and if something happens to him, that is what I have to live on…ugh scary

Oh god, what a nightmare!

I hope your store takes off soon :slightly_smiling_face:

And sending my love to your husband.

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YAY!! Great job, girl!

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Got 3 sales, slow but sure, still building it daily and adding to.

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