First spell experience

Merry Meet
I have been on this journey for a little while, but things always seem to get in the way and I haven’t been able to put as much effort or time into growing spiritually as I would like…BUT… I did my first proper spell on 27th of Jan. It was a spell for exam excellence because I was sitting my final uni exam on the 2nd. The night before my exam I also used sigils for the first time, all with the intention of passing my exam. I put all my energy into the spell and into these sigils, one drawn on the inside of my wrist and the others drawn on the pencil case that was going into the exam with me.
I can officially now say I have done my first successful spell!! I passed my exam with a much higher grade than anticipated and can now finally graduate!!
I can’t wait to continue with this journey and keep learning and exploring all the amazing and wonderful things involved!
Blessed be


Congratulations! I love it when spells go right.

Keep practicing the little things, because it is in the little things that our confidence grows.

Wonderful job!


Great work! That’s incredible!


CONGRATS to you on your achievements, happy to know that your sigil spell was successful, things like these always help to motivate you!!


Wow!! Well done, Stefani!! :mortar_board: :tada:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Like Megan said, keep exploring your Magic and it will surely grow!


Congratulations! Yes it’s an awesome feeling!!


Woohoo- that is wonderful to hear, @stefani! :partying_face: Congrats on both passing the exam and also on your upcoming graduation! It is great when a spell enhances our own natural talents and lifts us to even greater accomplishments- very exciting! :two_hearts:

May you continue to enjoy and find success in your spellwork- blessed be! :sparkles: