First time trying new tarot cards

A few weeks ago I bought this deck of tarot cards

I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to use them, but I’ve always felt a little stilted in my readings, maybe because I didn’t really connect with my first deck.

But tonight it felt right to try, particularly as my husband and I have been discussing a fairly big change in our lives. That’s when I’ve usually consulted my cards in the past and it’s helped make a decision, or possibly reassure me in the decision already made.

We’re considering maybe moving to Ireland in the next couple of years. He’s an Irish citizen as his mother was born there and has an Irish passport, so hes he’s also still a European citizen. I’m English and Brexit has eroded my European freedom of movement, and as his spouse living in Ireland for three years would allow me to apply for my Irish citizenship so I’d regain my European citizenship. As we ultimately dream of retiring to Italy this would be difficult given the current situation.

So tonight I did a fairly simple three card spread asking:

What are my dreams?
What are my fears?
What is the reality?

The three cards I picked were the 7 of swords, 5 of cups and King of Coins.

My interpretation of this is that the proposed change will have challenges both professionally and with my stepkids but we can work through those and make the decision best for us. Ultimately I’m good with financial decisions and handling practicalities of a big move, we’ve done it before, and what we’re planning could give us a more stable financial footing and stepping stone for our ultimate later life plans.

It’s still a massive step to take, but I’m feeling more confident after tonight’s reading.


That’s a great-looking deck, and it seems to be honest with you! That’s great!


I love this deck!! Your move sounds exciting! As for your reading, I see pretty much the same thing. The 7 of swords says there are difficulties ahead that will require strategy but the 5 of cups asks what will you regret if you don’t take this chance? The king of coins says that everything you touch will prosper and grow. I take this to mean that if you move, your financial opportunities will grow. Good luck!!


Congrats on your new deck, @IrisW- it looks like it wanted to prove itself to you with some solid guidance :flower_playing_cards: :compass:

Moving to Ireland is like a dream, and it looks like the cards agree with your ambitions! It sounds like you have the planning and motivation to make it happen too :blush:

Wishing you all the best if you decide to move forward on this exciting path! :sparkling_heart:


Hello @IrisW

Wow, what a nice deck. I wish to buy a deck deck like this, one day for me. Thanks for sharing.

I posted article on “Talking with Tarot”: Do you talk with your Taort daily?

Please let me know what you think about this…



I would take it like others (and yourself) have.

It’s going to be a challenge but it’s going to pay off. :blush: good luck to you! :four_leaf_clover:

My tarot deck is being so fickle atm!

I hate that we’ve lost freedom of movement :disappointed: it feels like we’ve gone back in time. I really don’t know how England is going to fair long term. I work (well I’ve just handed in my notice) for recruitment and there is such a lack of people to fill jobs.

We can’t find lorry drivers, carers, labourers, nurses, teachers, warehouse workers, hospitality workers, etc to save my life. So many have gone, or are in the process of going, back to their home countries. Madness.

What part of Ireland is your mother in law from? My Dad is from Kilkenny but I don’t have dual citizenship as he was unregistered until he arrived in England :speak_no_evil:


My mother-in-law was born in Belfast, but for the purposes of citizenship the Irish Government doesn’t distinguish between the North and South. My husband has family in both in any event.

We’re looking at places North of Dublin so I’ve still got easy access to an airport as I’m hoping to still be able to work for my law firm in England. I’ve been working remotely for a year anyway so I think they’d find it tough to object.

My husband is in logistics, he was a lorry driver and now teaches so he’s well aware of the supply issues with drivers. You can certainly notice it on the supermarket shelves already which are looking a little bear at times.

Just makes me cross, the rights and freedoms I was born with have been taken away by people who didn’t actually understand what they were voting for.

Rant over!


The two first cards seem a bit heavy but that King of Coins came to save the day! :smiley:

I think you will be just fine as long as you pay extra attention to communication (Swords are thought, speech, communication) and appreciate what you have without crying over spilled milk. (Image of the spread for reference)


No worries, England will just be fine. Its always blessed because I do prayer for England, Britain and UK regularly.