Flat bread in little kitchen

I am making my own flat bread. Contains all sort of spices, no salt or sugar.
No yeast or raising powders.
A mix of flours: kamut, Rye, wheat, spelt, soya, millet, corn meal, quinoa, black eye bean, amaranth.
Today added chestnut puree( non org.).
Freshly milled and organic.
Came about it after dental surgery, diabetes, chronic inflammation and cholesterol.
I add mostly plain filtered water, but sometimes I make tea or vegetable stock.
I have replaced eggs with ground linseed.
I usually do not add fat at all.
I am currently renewing my spice cabinet, so today I used: fenugreek, chilli, Cumin, ginger, hemp seeds, cacao powder, cloves, poppy seeds, maca powder, caraway seeds, mustard seeds and few others can not remember now.
Very nutritious snack!
No kneeding just spoonfuls on the grill.

Hope you like it!


I use this machine to extract every single drop of juice from vegetables.
I drink juice straight away and mix the pulp with my bread dough.
Is a way to maximize nutrients, almost 100%?
Better digestion and no sore gums😊


Spiced homemade flat bread sounds both healthy and yummy :yum: :two_hearts: There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly made bread! And homemade juice too- wow, @basil! You have many talents in the kitchen :woman_cook: Thanks for sharing :heart:


Thank you.
It is not perfect, but it’s ,my creation?, Let’s say modification.
Must be that gemeni-Taurus alliance.
Gather information here and there and one day, voilà: my own version of flatbread appears, like a magician in the Tarot.
The combination of spices are endless, whatever takes my mood.
Because I have to be in the motivated. You can not move a bull unless it wants to.
I find working dough is like playing with clay and by the same token, I infuse the dough with the energy available inside me, being: anxious or happy.
I would not ever think of marketing it, each batch is different.
I am a frustrated baker.
In the olden days, father’s tried to get their sons in the catering business.
It was struggle starting from the bottom, but they never were hungry.
I’ve had a dream at catering school, but a few years later, I’ve lost it. There’s nothing glamourus about baking or cooking.
Women now better than men.
For men it’s just fun!
I feel like Audry Hepburn moving to Paris to learn cordon bleu and finally catch a husband.
Good old Taurus, likes it’s comforts!.


A grain mill from Germany.
Found out today not well disigned to mill black eye beans.
But, found a way around to make the flour.
I’ve realized a while ago that pulses in flour form, small amounts, and added to lots of vegetables, are easier to digest and cause less bloating.


Well I surely do, you surely know your thing
This sounds real nutritious :relieved: