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I have a question…I have a bunch of Bach’s Flower essences that were gifted to me several years ago. Most remain unopened as I have no idea how to use them. I had an idea to use for a substitute for certain essential oils I don’t have like Vervain and Vetiver. The same with hydrosols like rose water or lavender water. I know essential oils inside and out and am learning which can be subbed (same with herbs) but the flower essences are a new twist. TIA Blessed Be. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Great question, @CrazyT!

Tinctures, extracts, teas, essences, essential oils, cordials- there are so many possible terms for health products made from plants and their many parts. To be sure, I had to double check on this one.

I found that the Botanical Animal Flower Essences site has a great article Flower Essences vs. Essential Oils- Essential Differences.

Healthline has a piece talking about What are Flower Essences? That also highlights the differences between essences and essential oils.

In summary, it seems that:

Flower Essences are a tool for flower therapy. They are parts of the flowers soaked or boiled in a liquid (usually water) and tend to be more diluted. They are a form of alternative medicine and can be used to a wide variety of purposes. The articles mention that Flower Essences are sometimes taken internally.

Essential Oils are commonly used in aromatherapy and are more often applied externally or inhaled than taken internally. They are very strong concentrates that require a huge amount of plant matter to yield a small amount of oil. This oil can be used on it’s owned, or mixed with a carrier oil.

Both have a wide variety of uses, but should always be used/prepared with care. It is important to be mindful of the individual properties of both the origin plant used and the carrier liquid that carries the properties of the plant.

Enjoy your flower essences and definitely let us know what you decide to use them for, CrazyT! Depnding on which ones you have, I imagine they’d be great in beauty products or spellwork :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be!


@TheTravelWitch gave you a great answer! :+1:

But since you asked specifically about Bach Flowers, I will add this, from bachflower.com:

“The Bach Flower Remedies are produced at one location after old directions from Dr. Edward Bach who died in 1936. Dr. Bach was VERY specific with the directions on how and when to make the Essences. Just before he died, he said, “Many people will try to imitate and copy the Remedies.” His assistants had to promise NEVER to alter the 38 Remedies, because he knew that there would be no more need for more than the 38 Remedies and the directions that he had given were the best possible.”

So, they have very specific uses. Here’s a list of the 38 Remedies and how they relate to a particular emotional state.

How to Use Them

You can either drop the remedy on your tongue or mix it into a glass of water to drink. The dosage varies, but most people take several drops a few times a day.

Some remedies are also found as pills, sprays, skin creams, and bath salts.


@TheTravelWitch thanks that was some good information.

@Francisco phew that was a lot to take in. I only have 6 of the 38 remedies and had tried 2 of them when I first got them. I bookmarked page for further study.

Thanks to the both of you.


I’m glad you found that resource useful. It’s a very interesting topic so thanks for sharing! Please keep us updated if you discover new things