Follow that Rabbit

So, you wanted to follow the white rabbit? :rabbit:

Things have come and things have gone, all in the fullness of time.

Are things than life, or is time the truth? Well, the answer is unknown.

The mind goes up, the mind goes down, and then goes round and round.

What did you think when you fell down that hole?

“Did you say “Follow that rabbit?”.

You didn’t think at all, did you?

Nor did you look before you lept.

When you lost the rabbit and found a tea party in session, :tophat:teapot: :tea:

did you drink the flowery brew?

It is unwise to trust a rabbit in a coat

holding a golden pocket watch.

Worse than the rabbit is the Hatter, He’s mad you know.

Never take any pills from him. Large and small, large and small,

it’s really not worth the bother.

Did you see the :smile_cat: :smile_cat:? :worm:

Stoned and mind blown from whatever he has in his hookah.

The cat from Cheshire with the naughty grin will lead you only to trouble.

Go back, look up til you find a vine, and climb until you can climb no more.

Then run away, run away, run away home.

You belong in the sunshine, not among the dead…

They are dead, you know. They just don’t know it.

That’s the problem with these fantasy books.

We know it isn’t real, but they don’t and they can

never escape. Round and round, like a glitch.

Stay safe, stay sane

But have fun

Garnet Hedgewitch


This was all happy, jolly good fun until:

That got deep, @Garnet- you always blow me away with your masterpieces! :clap: I love Alice in Wonderland, but there are definitely darker moments and deeper themes lying beneath the bright colors and playful characters. It’s one of those stories that changes with you as you grow up- every time I read it I see more than I did before. Or perhaps just in different ways than I did before.

Very thought-provoking- thank you so much for sharing your stunning writing, Garnet!

Much love and blessed be :sparkling_heart: