Fossil Shark Teeth Info 🦈

Fossilized Shark Teeth

Mineral Family: Bones & Teeth
Structure: Calcified Dentin
Hardness: Outer Enamel-5, Inner-3
Numerical Vibration: 8
Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Capricorn :capricorn:, Virgo :virgo:
Element: Storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:, Earth :earth_americas:
Color: Black :black_heart:, Brown :brown_heart:, Grey :black_heart:+:white_heart:, Red :heart:, rarely Green :green_heart:

:tooth: Ancient Hawaiians as well as surfer’s (for superstitious reasons) wore shark teeth as protection from shark attacks and to protect you while at sea.

:tooth: Sailors often wear them for good luck and protection from drowning.

:tooth: Shark teeth have long been a symbol of strength and manhood.

:tooth: Fossilized Shark teeth have healing properties much like those of crystals. Fossils are known to assist you in moving from the old to the new, and be receptive to fresh, innovative
forces that are available to you.

:tooth: They can assist you in your journey through personal growth and the process of change. In addition, they can help you instill quality and excellence in your environment.

:tooth: They come from a large prehistoric Lamna Obliqua shark, known as Otodus Obliquus or Mackerel shark.

:tooth: The name is derived from the Greek word “Lamna” which means fish of prey, and was named after the legendary monster Lamia.

:tooth: These creatures lived in the late Paleocene and Eocene ages, between 40-60 million years ago. Growing 9-10 meters long and weighing 15 tons, they lived across a large area of the oceans, as fossil teeth have been found in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

:tooth: These prehistoric sharks are closely related to our modern day Mako sharks and are believed to be aggressively and hunt in packs.

I will allow myself to open up to the process of change and all of the possibilities that it brings.


My son has a box full of these shark teeth and he was generous enough to give his mama a few :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@christina4 great info. Thanks for sharing. I love the shark teeth. And what a good son you have to share with his mom.


He’s awesome! I’m blessed to be a mother to the sweetest kids! They’re so beautiful, generous and polite! The kids in this neighborhood are completely the opposite! I’m truly blessed!


That’s awesome. My son is like that too. I have been blessed to get to be his mom.


Don’t shark teeth fall out and another one replaces it? LOL!

Great info, as always love!


“Shart teeth” giggles like a teenager


That’s a great question and I actually had to look that up. So, here’s what I found:
Sharks don’t actually regrow teeth one by one but have multiple rows inside their jaw that are constantly regrown. When a tooth on the edge of the jaw drops out, the corresponding tooth in the row behind it moves forward to replace it. The underlying soft tissues anchor and carry each tooth like a conveyor belt.

How sharks could help us regrow our own human teeth


According to studies a shark teeth develops every two weeks, it regenerates in its life cycle. In another words, sharks doesn’t end like us, using a blender to make the food eatable. :rofl:


Very cool! Thanks for the information!

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