Found something cool for altars with limited space

It comes in 2 -4 shelves


I have been using my vanity dresser & nightstand & standing jewelry box & basically my bedroom… for all my items. ALL of them. Lol… I have found shelving & repurposed items to use for storage or display.

Right now I have Crescent Moon shelving that has the phases of the moon on the side. I have my grandmother’s & stepmother’s hanging cabinets up, an antique printer drawer hanging on my wall to hold my smaller crystals, & the shelves that my sons made in the woodshop when they were in high school are on my walls. I also have a sun sconce & moon sconce with some witchy things hanging from them. It works for me right now. Some of my items have trickled out to the living room :face_with_hand_over_mouth: & maybe the kitchen too. :smile:

This is a great find, I have an earring holder that also holds necklaces & earrings but the stand rotates. It’s 4 sided. This would be good because I can put it to one side of the mirror on my dresser! Thank you for sharing your find! I am going to check it out & see if it comes in any other color styles. :hugs: