Founding spell worked like a Charm!

One of the hot topics of the day was “spells to find lost objects” and boy did I need that! My teenage daughter has this wonderful habit of losing one of her ear-buds. Most of the time it’s because our cats love to play with the egg-shaped case they come in. We usually hear them knock the case onto the wood floor and are able to secure the pair to a safer spot.
Well, this time the sneaky cats only took one out of the case and batted it somewhere in my apartment! Been lost all week in spite of her efforts in looking for it.

I say that one of the ways was to use Tarot, and I knew I had to try that… my deck is eerily accurate, and sarcastic apparently. On my table I set up my big candle from my alter, and unwrapped my tarot, and put her ear-bud case on top and I meditated and asked the cards for help. I did a 3 card spread, which pointed that it was mischief related and that it would be found by my daughters things… so I had her check her closet and under her bead again.
This went on quite a few times, asking the cards for specifics “please”, and they got very sarcastic with me like “get help” “be patient”! UGH! lol My cards know me a bit too well! We looked more and more by where she leaves her things around, and low and behold found it under her little purse and next to a stack of coloring books.

I freaking love how this worked so well. The cards also said that she would be grateful and not upset at who lost her things, and needs to take better care of her personal EXPENSIVE belongings!


Hooray for getting the ear bud back and also for the very successful finding spell- you and your tarot cards are quite the team, @GemRobin76! :partying_face: :two_hearts:

Your deck has quite the personality- I love it! :laughing: :+1:

Blessed be!


Interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever used tarot to find something I had lost… :thinking: I’m gonna tuck this away for later when I happen to lose something else lol Come to think of it, several of our household cell phone chargers have gone missing and we can’t find them. Time to break out the cards and see what happens!

I’m glad to hear that your daughter was able to find her ear bud :blush: