Fourth date weirdness

So I was on a date with a woman recently, and she was talking about having visited a psychic who told her about herself in reference to past lives.

In the middle of her talking, my protection symbol flashed.

So as a refresher, part of a protection spell (“We are not Watusi”) I wrote includes visualizing a object or symbol as protection. My own is a Tweety-bird cage, but instead of straight lines of the cage mine has spirals of positive energy flowing down from the top. The whole thing works like a Negative Energy Bug Zapper.

So in the middle of a conversation with a woman I like, all of a sudden my mind’s eye flashes the protection symbol. Any thoughts about what, if anything, that means?


I don’t know much without talking to her but if she didn’t set it off right away maybe it’s this psychic that’s setting it off.


Ohh that sounds interesting! I apologize if you’ve written about it before. I don’t seem to remember it :sweat_smile:

As for your question, my first thought is that the person you went on a date with has some negative energy attached to the idea of past lives because your protection symbol flashed at this time. It could also be a signal to you that she may not be entirely truthful about the occurrence.

I think you’ll probably have to look at how you formed your protection symbol and what parameters you put up about it. That’ll give you a clue as to what it could mean. Then I would also try doing some divination to get to the bottom of things.


@Amethyst, she seemed really bought into the idea that this psychic was genuine, so you might have something there. Maybe it is the psychic that my protection responded to.

We are not Watusi Protection Spell

Thanks, Megan! Now I wish had put in more parameters. But it was intended as some quick protection that now seems to be a thing with me. Your thoughts sound like they could be pretty close to the mark - I suspect both are true.

Magick is amazing!


Such flashes, especially for a spell you did back in October 2021, it’s a strong induction and worth exploring imo. How was her response after the flash? Did she change the subject? Try to recall the atmosphere right when the flash happened. That’s very key and telling.


Some psychics are hucksters, which makes it difficult for the real ones to help people.


I posted it in October. I repeat it often, as it says “all this day…” It’s really intended as a quick daily protection, not to replace any of the more powerful protection spells. That said, it has been one of the most successful spells I’ve ever done.

As for her, Im not sure she noticed. I’m still getting to know her, and there’s lots to learn. We were sitting in a seating area at the end of a small town mall (after the movie), talking.


@Undomeher, okay, so my first thought was that you needed protection from her. However, that could be me picking up on your past trauma and that triggers my protective mode and not wanting to see you get hurt. My next thought was about you being protective of her. So, well, basically, this just means I am no help at all. :rofl: I think @MeganB’s idea about doing a little divination work and looking into it further is a good one. If you get nothing else from my post here, I hope at least you know that I care about you. :grinning:


Very interesting! I’m thinking on it, and there are so many things this could have been:

  • The most obvious would be that it was something she was saying about her past life- but would something that happened in another life have such a strong effect that it would warrant warning you about now, in the present? Is it possible you met in a past life, in potentially not a good way?

  • It may be a warning against not something she was saying, but something she was thinking of while talking- something somehow related to you.

  • Like Amethyst said about warning about the psychic she was talking about, which is also an option. Did it flash right when she brought the psychic up, or further into the conversation?

  • It may have nothing to do with the woman at all- your symbol is set up to protect against negative energy, yes? Perhaps someone passing by or in the nearby energy was giving off negative vibes that caused your protective spell to kick in.

With so many options on the table, the best way forward is just like Megan says- dig in deeper and try to get some answers with divination! :grinning:

Seeing as how your protection wasn’t on high alert for the entire meeting, I’d say you’d be in the clear to continue contact with this woman if you like her (and if this is the fourth date, I’d say there is some chemistry worth pursuing there! :wink:).

Good luck and many blessings, Ron! :sparkles:


Oh, this is good. I hadn’t thought of that!


@BrightBear, why do I feel like someone just wrapped me in a warm towel? :grin: I feel your caring. Thank you! All views are helpful.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry , such good points! It was in further into the story about the experience of the psychic, I can’t quite remember where. The appearance of the protection symbol really caught me off guard, so I might have missed that part. I’ll have lots to consider when I get home from work and can do some divination. TY.

@MeganB, I had thought about that, but Im not feeling any resonance with that idea. Right now, I leaning towards there being something she left out, or something that she was thinking as Bry mentioned, or possibly some response to what she was saying about the psychic’s accuracy. Lots of great thoughts from everyone, and Im grateful. I have some work to do tonight!

Something else comes to mind…I haven’t been able to rule out that she may be a witch herself…


You were in a public area, if she had no obvious response, then it may not have anything to do with her or what she was talking about, it could have instead been someone eavesdropping.


Wishing you all the best with it- I hope the answers reveal themselves to you and you can get to the bottom of what happened! :grinning: :+1:

If she was visiting a psychic to explore her past lives it’s pretty certain she at least has a spiritual side she is in touch with. As for whether she is a witch or not… well, it must be said that witches tend to attract other witches! :laughing: :+1: We’re like magickal magnets lol

Good luck, Ron (and please keep us updated!) :grin: :two_hearts:



I cast a circle and asked Hekate to shine her torches upon my path, as I cleansed and programmed some crystals (labradorite and obsidian) to aid with my divination.

I used my pendulum, and here are the basic results:

Yes, she was holding some things back,
No, the protective flash was not about her, or passers by,
Maybe, some of what she was holding back related to me,
Yes, the protective flash was related to the psychic (!)

And most of all, Yes, she has been quiet this week because she has been depressed (for reasons personal to her that I choose not to disclose).

I spoke to her this morning. She reported (among other things) that she has been feeling depressed this week! This is the clearest result I have ever gotten for divination! :grin::grin:

And for all you voyeurs (I sense you out there)… date #5 is scheduled for Friday.


Friday! Venus Day and also Friday the 13th? Cool beans!
That is pretty cool how close your pendulum was to the reality! Whooooaaaaa…


@mary25 That stuff didn’t even occur to me! Thanks!


Good luck on Friday!


Very exciting stuff, @Undomeher- it sounds like your pendulum was on point with those readings (get it? :laughing: Okay, I’ll behave now)

Wishing you all the best with your date on Friday- have a wonderful time together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Didn’t want to say it because it could have just been a passing conversation, but when I first read your post, she’s rehashing a personal psychic session about her past life with you, that’s could be a bit heavy and entailed for a 4th date, definitely made me raised an eyebrow on that.

Now I’m reading she’s talking about her depressions, and other things you can’t share. All this and it’s only date 4?
Sounds like she’s taking an emotional dump on you. The first number of dates are meant to be lighthearted and fun. That’s just me though.