Free Ways to be Eco-Friendly in your Practice [Video]

I realized, once again, that I am late to the party of sharing one of my new videos. This video came out on Earth Day :earth_americas: and is a list of five FREE things that anyone can do to be more eco-friendly in the practice.

Or if you prefer to read a blog post, you can do that here → Five FREE Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Witch – 'Round the Cauldron


I thought I was the only one to use Ecosia! LOL!


No! I use it for everything! It’s become my go-to search engine now rather than Google.


A great theme to explore for Earth Day! :green_heart: :earth_africa: I can tell how passionate you are about this, @MeganB- your love for the planet and nature really shines through :blush:

Thanks so much for the lovely video and blog post!


Thanks for the video @MeganB. I so agree with throwing our items back into the earth, I dont ever feel right doing it so I bury everything in my house plants. I also had no clue about the search engine, I am going to start using it today!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry It’s definitely something I’m very passionate about :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We only have one planet! We’ve got to take care of her while we can :earth_americas:

@rachel21 Thank you, Rachel! I’ve got a pot I use that I fill with soil and dirt whenever I need to bury something. If it’s something native to the area and won’t cause issues then I’ll bury it in my garden. However, that doesn’t happen very often :laughing: