Freebie Friday ✨ June 11

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What is Freebie Friday?

Well, I will have this particular thread open on Fridays for anyone that needs a small tarot or pendulum reading. The tarot readings can be one card or several, all depending on what I feel called to pull. I may use one deck for everyone or pull from all of my decks. It just depends! Pendulum readings are yes/no questions only.

This is free and there is no payment obligation or requirement. You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

Who can join in?

Anyone can get a Freebie Friday reading every Friday. There isn’t really a limit. I just ask that you get one reading per Friday and no more than that. It helps keep it simple and streamlined :blush:


If you want a Freebie Friday reading, all you have to do is copy the little form below and fill it out (just so I know what to read for you) and leave a comment! I will pull from one of my decks or read with my pendulum for you and see what they have to say. If you want your reading private, please let me know ahead of time so I can send it to you in a message instead of posting a reply publicly.

Copy This In Your Comment

Tarot or Pendulum:
Public or Private:

You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

If you’re looking for more in-depth readings, I offer several different kinds in my shop. You’re free to look there, too!

Note: I will be in and out of this thread all day. I have some appointments to take care of so if it takes a while for me to get back to you, please be patient. I also may or may not be able to post the pictures of the cards this time. It all depends on what I have access to in terms of electronics :sweat_smile:


Tarot or Pendulum: Tarot
Question: Will we make the move to SC in the next 5 years?
Public or Private: Public

I always love your readings. My family that has passed seems to like you too! :heart:


Tarot or Pendulum: pendulum
Question: will I move away from my mother in the next couple years?
Public or Private: public

**Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time and doing this!!! And, for everyone!!! Just had to thank you!!! :pray::heart::revolving_hearts::hibiscus::rose:


Tarot or Pendulum: tarot
Question: herbalism or software engineering
Public or Private: public

Thank you so much for your help @MeganB. I love your readings so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:


Tarot or Pendulum: Tarot
Question: Am I ready for my next surgery yet?
Public or Private: public

Thank you :star:

PS this is my first post, yay me :grin:


Tarot or Pendulum: Tarot
Question: Will i get the job in the organization where I am trying to get?
Public or Private: Public

Thank you!!


Tarot or Pendulum: pendulum
Question: Will my son Julians reaction to the 2nd covid vaccine get worse?
Public or Private:public


Tarot or Pendulum: Tarot, please!
Question: What do I need to change
Public or Private: Public



The pictures I’m showing here are found on Google. I am reading from my Hanson Roberts tarot so you’re more than welcome to look up more images!

Okay @Siofra :heart:

You asked if you would make the move to South Carolina in the next five years. During shuffling, I kept hearing the word, “No”. The card I pulled for you is…

:cup_with_straw: The Seven of Cups Reversed – The choices you face in the next five years may end up being overwhelming. A lot of different opportunities or paths will open up to you and you will need to use your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you. I’m feeling like the answer is probably no because you may end up finding a better opportunity in that time frame.

Hope this helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you’ve been happy with my readings so far!

@christina4 :rainbow:

I’m not currently at my desk with my pendulum but I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t forgetting you. As soon as I’m home with that I’ll grab yours because I forgot to bring my pendulum out with me :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello @wasantha :wave:

You asked herbalism or software engineering :herb:

:cup_with_straw: The Seven of Cups Reversed – Interesting…It rarely happens that I pull the same card for two different people on the same day. The Seven of Cups Reversed echoes your multitude of choices. Each choice you’ve presented has different paths that can be taken and it’s overwhelming. The Cups here don’t provide a solid answer, only guidance. It asks you to consider what you want out of your choices before making it, and make a decision based on your heart and happiness.

Hello @kelly10 :partying_face: Welcome to the forum!

You asked if you’re ready for your next surgery.

:star: Nine of Pentacles Reversed – You’re fairly grounded right now in your self-worth and hard work. The Nine of Pentacles Reversed points me to yes, you’re ready. You’ve been working so hard for this surgery on many different ends and it’s time you get what you’ve been working for. The Nine of Pentacles Reversed does ask the question of self-worth, though, and being sure that you’re having surgery for the right reasons and that you know you are valuable no matter what.

I hope that helped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and we’re glad to have you here!

Hello @annie2 and welcome to the forum, too!

You asked if you would get the job you’ve been working toward.

:cup_with_straw: Ten of Cups – A fantastic card to get for this question! The Ten of Cups points directly to a blissful and harmonious relationship in your future. In this situation, I see that as pointing directly to harmony in your home life. If you’ve been struggling financially and straining any relationships you have, this job will bring that to a stop and give you a break. Wonderful!

We’re happy to have you here!

Hi there @Sarall :heart: I apologize for not making it clear above but I do not read on health-related issues. I’m not a medical professional and it would be unethical of me to answer your question. If you’d like to ask another one, I encourage you to do so.

Hi there @sarah29 :sunflower:

You asked what you need to change.

:chopsticks: Three of Rods Reversed – Whatever you’re working on or toward, you’re playing it safe. Take big risks and reap big rewards! This can be regarding basically anything but the rods point me toward something related to the mind or your creative works.

:sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

I hope that helped! I’ll be back in here shortly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tarot or Pendulum: Tarot
Question: Should we move to WA or stay put?
Public or Private: Public

I was unclear on what I could ask. I’m currently sitting in the ER from his reaction. Just looking for piece of mind. I asked my pendulum and it said he will not get worse. I’m happy with that.

Thank you


No worries @Sarall I take full responsibility for that. It isn’t clear in my initial post that I don’t read on health or law-related topics. I’m happy that your pendulum has eased your mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for moving to Washington or staying put, I pulled…

:cup_with_straw: The Three of Cups – A card of celebration and joy, this points to the possibility of moving but only if you have a good support system around you. If you are surrounded by family, friends, and those that love and care for you then a move makes sense. If you won’t be happy moving, then stay put.


Tarot or Pendulum: Tarot
Question: How soon before I am out of rent and into my own house?
Public or Private: Public

Thank you so much!


Okay @christina4 I’m home now and can get out my pendulum for you. Sorry for taking so long!

You asked if you’ll move away from your mother in the next few years. The pendulum says…yes.

Hello @NickWick :wave:

You want to know how soon you’ll be in your own home and not paying rent.

:star: Seven of Pentacles – You’ve been working hard to get to a place of financial stability and this hard work will continue. It doesn’t look like it will be for too much longer! You’re in the stages of appraising the work you’ve already done to see how far you’ve got left to go. It will come sooner than you think!

I hope this has helped you both! I’ll be closing Freebie Friday at 9pm EST so if anyone else would like to get one, you’ve got about 30 minutes left :sparkles:


This week’s Freebie Friday is now over :heart: Be sure to check back next week for a new one!

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