Freebie Friday ✨ May 6th

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:sparkles: Today’s Note :sparkles:

Good morning, everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think I will continue reading from my new oracle deck. I am honestly enjoying it more than tarot lol though I don’t know if that’s because it’s new or if I just love it that much. So, today will be readings from the Spirits and Shadows oracle!

What is Freebie Friday?

Well, I will have this particular thread open on Fridays for anyone that needs a small tarot card reading. These readings may be one card or several depending on what I feel called to pull for you.

This is free and there is no payment obligation or requirement. You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

Who can join in?

Anyone can get a Freebie Friday reading every Friday. There isn’t really a limit. I just ask that you get one reading per Friday and no more than that. It helps keep it simple and streamlined :blush:

Rules and Guidelines

  • I will not read on the following matters: major health concerns, deaths, legal matters, medical decisions, and anything similar. This falls into a very gray area for me as a reader and it is unethical for me to read these situations. If you are unsure if your question falls into these categories, feel free to ask it. I will let you know if it is against my guidelines.

  • One reading per person per day, please.

  • I will not read for other people. If you are not the subject of the reading, I will decline your reading request.

  • Patience is a virtue. This thread is open all day and I try to get back to everyone as quickly as I can. However, I don’t sit here and wait for replies :sweat_smile: sometimes it may take me a while to get back to you. Please be patient.

  • This topic will automatically close 2022-05-06T21:00:00Z EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Any reading request posted before the topic closes will be answered :blush:


If you want a Freebie Friday reading, all you have to do is copy the little form below and fill it out (just so I know what to read for you) and leave a comment! I will pull some cards for you and see what they have to say. If you want your reading private, please let me know ahead of time so I can send it to you in a message instead of posting a reply publicly.

Copy This In Your Comment

Question or Situation:
Public or Private:

You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

I no longer offer readings in my shop :heart:

Note: Like always, I will be in and out of this thread all day. Please have patience in my response. Old Freebie Friday posts will stay up for one week, then they will be archived so as not to clog the forum. If you want to save your reading, please screenshot it and/or copy/paste it somewhere safe.


Question/Situation: What should I focus on this week?

Private/Public: Private - you just never know :laughing:


I am always a tarot person which really translates into me being a creature of habbit haven’t asked for a reading in a while I would love a look into the week ahead and thanks so much for your time and of course oracle deck it is today let’s see what is inbound


As always thank you!


Hey there @jim :wave: It’s been a while! You asked about what the week ahead looks like. For you, I pulled The Secret.

:shell: The Secret, in this case, is effective communication. If you hold things in and keep them to yourself rather than speak your mind, you will be doing yourself a disservice. The week ahead might see you needing to be more effective in your communication. This will help you get your point across in a clear manner rather than getting messages muddied up. You may be tempted to bite your tongue and just plug along with what you’re doing but that’s not going to be the right decision next week.


Hi there @rachel21 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s always nice to read for you! You asked what you should be prepared for next week. For you, I pulled The Thief.

:raven: Watchout for someone that will try to take advantage of you or your kindness. The Thief represents those that are sneaky, clever, and ready to take advantage of opportunities. This doesn’t necessarily point to someone who steals physical items, things that are tangible that you would miss. Instead, this likely points to someone who might steal time, happiness, or energy. This is a reminder for you to be careful who you give your time to next week. Peace is precious.

Hope that helps you both :pray:

@Siofra – check your messages :heart:


The universe knows my tendencies too well


Hello Megan I would like to give this a try :blush:

Question or situation : my income, what path can I take to feel secure and fulfilled?
Public or Private: private


Question or Situation: Is our wedding going to turn in to a chaotic mess?
Public or Private: Public


@jim – Thank you :pray: :heart:

@martje – Check your messages :blush:

Hello @tasha9 and welcome to the forum! :partying_face: I’d be happy to read for you! I rephrased your question just a bit because my oracle deck doesn’t necessarily do well with yes/no questions. In this case, I asked what you should keep in mind for your wedding. I shuffled my deck and pulled The Seeker.

:waning_gibbous_moon: I don’t think your wedding is going to end up in chaos. However, I think that you might have a tendency to find the flaws in everything you look at. You may struggle to go with the flow if issues do arise and chances are always good that something will go wrong. If you are always looking for the worst in every situation you will never have the capacity to see the best. Go into your wedding with an open heart and open mind. When something doesn’t go the way you thought it would, see if you can reframe it and find a different perspective. Don’t search for perfection because it doesn’t exist.

I hope you found that helpful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you very much I am kind of a perfectionist :tired_face: so I can totally see all of this :joy:


Question or Situation: Finance
Public or Private: Public


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@tasha9 – I’m glad you found it helpful! And good luck and many blessings for your wedding! :sparkles:

@LadyFireCancer – Hi there! I’d be happy to read for you :blush: You asked about your finances. I shuffled my deck and pulled Grief.

There might be a loss coming in regard to your finances. This could be an investment going sideways, a loss of income, or something happening that requires you to pay a larger-than-expected amount of money. Heed this as a warning to watch your spending, save what you can, and be careful when necessary. Loss happens to all of us, so even if this does come to pass, give yourself the grace to heal from it and find your way back to normal.

Thank you so much to everyone that go readings today! I hope it was helpful to you all :heart: If you have any feedback after the post has closed please feel free to send me a message. As always, tips are appreciated but not at all required. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!