Freebie Friday ✨ September 10th

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What is Freebie Friday?

Well, I will have this particular thread open on Fridays for anyone that needs a small tarot card reading. These readings may be one card or several depending on what I feel called to pull for you.

This is free and there is no payment obligation or requirement. You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

Who can join in?

Anyone can get a Freebie Friday reading every Friday. There isn’t really a limit. I just ask that you get one reading per Friday and no more than that. It helps keep it simple and streamlined :blush:

Rules and Guidelines

  • I will not read on the following matters: major health concerns, deaths, legal matters, medical decisions, and anything similar. This falls into a very gray area for me as a reader and it is unethical for me to read these situations. If you are unsure if your question falls into these categories, feel free to ask it. I will let you know if it is against my guidelines.

  • One reading per person per day, please.

  • I will not read for other people. If you are not the subject of the reading, I will decline your reading request.

  • Patience is a virtue. This thread is open all day and I try to get back to everyone as quickly as I can. However, I don’t sit here and wait for replies :sweat_smile: sometimes it may take me a while to get back to you. Please be patient.

  • Cards are drawn intuitively. I have three tarot decks and I pick the deck intuitively (or just use what I have on hand at that moment :sweat_smile: )


If you want a Freebie Friday reading, all you have to do is copy the little form below and fill it out (just so I know what to read for you) and leave a comment! I will pull some cards for you and see what they have to say. If you want your reading private, please let me know ahead of time so I can send it to you in a message instead of posting a reply publicly.

Copy This In Your Comment

Question or Situation:
Public or Private:

You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

If you’re looking for more in-depth readings, I offer several different kinds in my shop. You’re free to look there, too!

Note: Like always, I will be in and out of this thread all day. Please have patience in my response. Old Freebie Friday posts will stay up for one week, then they will be archived so as not to clog the forum. If you want to save your reading, please screenshot it and/or copy/paste it somewhere safe.


I could use this this week, thank you as always for your generosity!

Question or Situation: Feeling very emotional and vulnerable this week, especially when it comes to self-confidence. Is there anything I should be focusing on in the coming week?
Public or Private: public


Hi Bee :honeybee:

You asked if there was anything you should be focusing on in the coming week.

For you, I pulled the Three of Swords.

Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck

:heart: There’s some hurt that’s really pushing your confidence away, a betrayal from someone you care for or that was close to you. This is coming back to the surface, whether you realize it or not, to affect your day and your emotional well-being. The Three of Swords advises you to work through this hurt and start the process of healing. It may be difficult, but the process is worth it in the end.


Question or Situation: am I finally on the right track?
Public or Private: public

As always thanks for your time @MeganB


I don’t think I’ve ever asked for a reading before, but here’s what I would like to know:

Question or Situation: Lately, I’ve been feeling drawn to Sleepy Hollow, NY. The village has everything that I look for in a place to live: small population, low crime, lots of historical sites to visit, and beautiful fall foliage. Should I move there someday or am I better off where I am now?

Public or Private: Public


Thank you @MeganB


Happy Friday @MeganB :slight_smile:

Question or Situation: Will my application to the Irish Roll of Solicitors be accepted?
Public or Private: Public


Question or Situation: Am I doing the right things this month?
Public or Private: Public

As always thank you so very much!


Okay :partying_face:

@phoenix_dawn → You asked if you’re finally getting on the right track. For you, I pulled the Nine of Cups.

:cup_with_straw: Be proud of all you’ve achieved so far! Take some time to enjoy the success and the growth you’ve accomplished. I’d say yes, you’re on the right track and this is an invitation to rest, recuperate, and gear up for the rest of the journey.

Hi @Kasandra and happy first reading! → You asked if you should move to Sleepy Hollow, NY, some day or stay where you are now. For you, I pulled the Four of Rods.

:chopsticks: The Four of Rods feels to me like yes, you should definitely pursue that in the future. If it’s something that will bring you joy and happiness, this is your invitation to follow your heart and be happy! Who knows, if you move there it may even end up feeling like home.

Hi @Krystal_Klear → You asked why your faith is broken and how to gain your trust back in it. For you, I pulled the Six of Cups.

:cup_with_straw: For me, this card is all about your past and childhood. There could be something from your past that is influencing your current behavior and feelings, probably something that happened when you were a kid. This influence is likely subconscious, seeing as how you’re asking the question in the first place and you’re not sure of the answer. This card is an invitation to find the joy in your life again and heal from any past traumas that you can. If all else fails, doing something that makes you happy is likely to shift your mindset back into a healthy one. From there, baby steps is still progress!

Happy Friday to you, too @IrisW → You asked if your application to the Irish Roll of Solicitors would be accepted. For you, I pulled the Ten of Cups Reversed.

:cup_with_straw: So, I heard the word no while shuffling for your question. With that and pulling the Ten of Cups reversed, I feel like there’s a chance it won’t be accepted. However, the Ten of Cups reversed suggests that there’s a misalignment somewhere. Something isn’t quite balanced between you and this next step, whatever that may be. I feel like if it is rejected, there will be something else stepping in to take its place, if that makes sense. I would also contemplate if this is really what you want.

Hello @Siofra :wave:t3: → You asked if you’re doing the right things this month. For you, I pulled The Fool Reversed.

:star: Okay, so you know how your family likes to come through real easy for you? I was getting ready to shuffle and read your question and immediately got the image of an older woman bonking me on the head like really…? And then they were insistent that I shuffle the deck 12 freakin’ times to get to this card. Very impatient, too. Anyway, you get The Fool reversed today. I’m taking this as yes, you’re on the right track, but there are things you could be doing that you’re not because you’re scared. Don’t hold back and follow the path you’ve set out for yourself. And something about an apple, whatever that means :woman_shrugging:t3: :laughing: That message wasn’t clear but maybe if you’ve got an ancestor altar place an apple there :apple:

I hope that was helpful to everyone!


Thank you @MeganB it’s definitely helpful knowing that I’ve reached a turning point and cam finally put the past to rest



Thank you… an apple?

Love :heart: them


Thanks… Might put a spanner in the works for our plans, but may just mean something else is on the horizon.

I’m hoping the application is accepted though as it’s essentially a paper exercise as I’m already on the Roll of Solicitors in England, under current rules anyway.

I’ll let you all know when I get an answer.


Thank you for the reading! It sounds like my moving there wouldn’t be a bad idea, after all. Not sure when that would be, though. It’s a great place to retire, I hear.


Thank you for your “reading” @MeganB I appreciate it and your reading doesn’t surprise me at all. :heart: ~KK


Ouch :grimacing::crazy_face:
Sad, but very accurate when I think about it. Great food for thought as always @MeganB
Thank you!!


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Thank you so much to everyone that got a reading today :partying_face: