Freebie Friday ✨ September 17th

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What is Freebie Friday?

Well, I will have this particular thread open on Fridays for anyone that needs a small tarot card reading. These readings may be one card or several depending on what I feel called to pull for you.

This is free and there is no payment obligation or requirement. You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

Who can join in?

Anyone can get a Freebie Friday reading every Friday. There isn’t really a limit. I just ask that you get one reading per Friday and no more than that. It helps keep it simple and streamlined :blush:

Rules and Guidelines

  • I will not read on the following matters: major health concerns, deaths, legal matters, medical decisions, and anything similar. This falls into a very gray area for me as a reader and it is unethical for me to read these situations. If you are unsure if your question falls into these categories, feel free to ask it. I will let you know if it is against my guidelines.

  • One reading per person per day, please.

  • I will not read for other people. If you are not the subject of the reading, I will decline your reading request.

  • Patience is a virtue. This thread is open all day and I try to get back to everyone as quickly as I can. However, I don’t sit here and wait for replies :sweat_smile: sometimes it may take me a while to get back to you. Please be patient.

  • Cards are drawn intuitively. I have three tarot decks and I pick the deck intuitively (or just use what I have on hand at that moment :sweat_smile: )


If you want a Freebie Friday reading, all you have to do is copy the little form below and fill it out (just so I know what to read for you) and leave a comment! I will pull some cards for you and see what they have to say. If you want your reading private, please let me know ahead of time so I can send it to you in a message instead of posting a reply publicly.

Copy This In Your Comment

Question or Situation:
Public or Private:

You can tip if you want, but it isn’t required.

If you’re looking for more in-depth readings, I offer several different kinds in my shop. You’re free to look there, too!

Note: Like always, I will be in and out of this thread all day. Please have patience in my response. Old Freebie Friday posts will stay up for one week, then they will be archived so as not to clog the forum. If you want to save your reading, please screenshot it and/or copy/paste it somewhere safe.


Good Friday morning @MeganB!

Question: How does my plan to go to Salem work out?
Public/Private: Public

Thank you as always. I’m hoping to be able to go to Salem in the next few weeks as a witchy getaway sort of after the last few months & some canceled plans due to other goings-on around here.


Good morning @Siofra :revolving_hearts:

You asked how your plan to go to Salem will work out. For you, I pulled The High Priestess.

Deck: The Wild Unknown

:tiger: It looks like it’s going to go well. I take this card as a sign that this opportunity to go to Salem is just what you need. You’ve been disconnected from yourself and your practice because of life circumstances (which is totally normal and okay) but this trip will allow you the space to reconnect with your intuition, your Higher Self, and the Gods.


Happy Friday @MeganB :slight_smile:

Question or Situation: Should I accept the slightly risky offer that’s been presented to me?
Public or Private: Public


Hi @IrisW :wave:t3:

You asked if you should accept the slightly risky offer that’s been presented to you. For you, I pulled the Four of Swords Reversed.

Deck: Shadowscapes

:crossed_swords: The answer isn’t entirely clear and as I was shuffling, images of fog or clouds were swirling around in my mind. The Four of Swords reversed points to a lot of work, even to the point of overworking yourself and exhaustion. If you take this position, you’re probably going to need to focus on your self-care any chance you can and realize that it’ll be a lot of work. Think really hard and go within to figure out if that’s the type of work you want to do. Is it really worth it?


Situation: I’ve been having so many bad things happen to me lately. I’d like to know if someone cursed/hexed me and what could I do? Or how to stay strong.

I don’t mind if it’s public.
Thank you, @MeganB :revolving_hearts:


Hi @christina4 :heart: I’m sorry you’re having a rough time!

You asked if you’ve been sent some baneful magic or how you can stay strong. In this instance, I basically asked for insight into the situation. For you, I pulled the Two of Cups.

Deck: The Wild Unknown

:rose: This is a strange card to pull for this kind of question, but honestly I don’t see a curse or any other baneful magic around you. What I am seeing, though, is that there is possibly a new partnership in the works? Have you reached out to any new deities or spirits lately? If so, I feel like this could be something Divine, almost like a test of wills or clearing away of things that this spirit doesn’t think you need. It’s really odd to pull this card, honestly. If you haven’t reached out to any new spirits lately, maybe lean on your friends for support as you deal with whatever is happening. I would also advise evaluating any new relationships or friendships you have. It’s possible that they could be the cause of any bad luck you’ve got going on, even unintentionally.


Thank you so much @MeganB! I’m looking forward to the trip & now I can make more solid plans for it in the coming month.


You’re very welcome :partying_face: I hope it works out well for you!


I have reached out to a new deity. Oh hmm, you have me thinking now!!! Thank you!!!


Thanks @MeganB that makes perfect sense. It’s an opportunity to work self-employed in the law rather than as an employee and in the long run could work out well. Id be in charge of my own time and caseload etc. But there would be a lot of hard work and potentially hardship in the interim until I get a good base of client established. “Is it worth it?” is exactly what I’ve been asking myself, especially as I don’t see myself staying in law in the future.


Good morning miss @MeganB

Situation: since everything with the divorce and the pregnancy and now covid had decided to shut down my art studio business because I was lacking inspiration, motivation and had started feeling like I wasn’t going to really ever get my business off the ground but I’ve been considering the idea of working on a few things and relaunching the studio business but merging it with my tarot and witchy business to draw a more diverse client base. Should I push this idea and start making preparations to do this and what do I need to know going in?

I don’t mind if it’s public


Situation: General life … will it improve soon?
Public or Private your choice


You’re welcome @christina4 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope you figure it out soon @IrisW :hugs: sorry it wasn’t more helpful!

Hi @phoenix_dawn :heart:

You asked about your art studio idea and what you need to know going forward. I’m reading for general advice on the situation. For you, I pulled the Three of Wands.

Deck: The Wild Unknown

:rainbow: The Three of Wands definitely encourages this decision but cautions that you need to have a solid plan before committing to anything. Once you’ve got that plan in place, be bold and go forward with all your endeavors! It looks like a bright future from here!

Hi @SharonD :heart:

You asked if things in life will improve soon. For you, I pulled the Ten of Cups.

Deck: Shadowscapes

:cup_with_straw: Everything will become more emotionally fulfilling soon. The Ten of Cups is an embodiment of true joy and happiness in your life. This is definitely a cause to celebrate and my answer to your question is yes, it will definitely see an improvement soon!

Thank you to everyone that got readings today! Don’t forget you can tip if you want but it definitely isn’t required. I’ll see you back here next week for another Freebie Friday :partying_face:


@MeganB I am having trouble accessing the link to tip you

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